Honors Convocation Responsibilities and Deadlines

January 11 – Attend committee meeting to go over responsibilities

January 18 – Create a contact list for those honor society advisors assigned to you. Create a contact list for those award sponsors assigned to you. E-mail out Honor Society Advisor E-mail and E-mail out Award Sponsor E-mail 2. These two E-mails will give information and deadlines and refer to the Honors Convocation website.

January 18 – Send your honor society advisors an e-mail reminder about completing selection by March 1st Honor Society E-mail 2

March 1 – Send your honor society advisors an e-mail reminder about the Online Submission of new members by March 15. Also remind them to turn in Honor Society list to Bonnie Money and Rob Kruckeberg by March 18. Honor Society E-mail 3

March 25 – Send your honor society advisors and award sponsors an e-mail concerning e-mail notification of Natalie Bryant. Natalie Bryant e-mail is bryantn@troy.edu.

April 3 – Send your honors society advisors and award sponsors an e-mail reminding them of Honors Convocation rehearsal.

April 17– Attend Honors Convocation rehearsal at 3:00 p.m. in Claudia Crosby Theater. Help with set up and breakdown.

April 22 – Attend Honors Convocation at 7:00 p.m.

May 1 – E-mail Barbara Patterson suggestions for improvement for Honors Convocation 2019



Printed Program Chair

  • Prepare printed program for Honors Convocation.
  • Include full names of award recipients and new members
  • Submit to Ricoh; proof program; send copies of proofed program to Permanent Secretary, all Honor Society Advisors and all Award Recipient advisors and submit final proof to Ricoh Services
  • Deliver (or have delivered) programs for rehearsal participants at rehearsal site (Claudia Crosby Theater ) on day of rehearsal
  • Deliver (or have delivered) programs for Honors Convocation at Convocation site (Smith Hall) by 10:00 a.m. on day of Convocation.

Reception Chair

  • Plan reception in conjunction with National Alumni Association.
  • Work with National Alumni Association and Sodexho-Marriott Management Services with menu/cost.

Permanent Secretary

  • Clear wording of invitations and honoree’s letters with Chancellor’s office.
  • Have invitations and letters printed, and purchase envelopes.
  • Have Award Recipients letters and Honor Society members letters signed by Chancellor.
  • Run envelopes for honor society initiates and their parents/spouse.
  • Run envelopes for award recipients and their parents/spouse.
  • Prepare mailing to go out 3 weeks before Honors Convocation.

Publicity Chair

  • Pre and post convocation, work with the director of University Relations to decide place/time for news releases on Honors Convocation and Individual honors.
  • Send list of individual awards, speaker, and dates to University Relations for publicity.
  • Pre-convocation publicity
  • Articles in Troy Messenger, Tropolitan, and other area papers about upcoming Honors Convocation, purposes, speaker.
  • Announcements in Troy This Week
  • Posters prepared to be put up around campus
  • Photo session at time of rehearsal to get good usable photos of individual award recipients to be used with news releases in post-Convocation publicity.
  • Also, in the past the Provost has been kind enough to send a notice to the faculty about a week before the Convocation urging them to announce same to students and to make every effort to attend and support our academic “stars.” Prepare draft of memo to faculty and send to Provost’s office for approval, two weeks prior to Convocation. Faculty should receive memos and make announcements; inviting students to Convocation a week prior to the Convocation.
  • Post-convocation publicity
  • News releases to home town papers of each individual award recipient with photo whenever possible.
  • News releases on the overall Honors Convocation
  • In the past because the recipients of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards and the Ingalls Award are not known until that day or evening, there has been a tendency to overemphasize said awards in the news releases to the determent of other award recipients. Any efforts you can make to better balance said coverage would be appreciated.

Administrative Committee

  • Early in March
  • Send Memos:
  • Carla Gallahan: music for processional, interlude, and recessional
  • Dr. James Brown: Collegiate Singers for special music, Alma Mater
  • Director, Trojan Center:
  • Display and remove honor society banners for Convocation
  • Request stage set-up for rehearsal in Claudia Center and for Convocation in Smith Hall
  • Required number of chairs on stage arranged in three rows, and spread apart so that presenters are not crowded
  • Upholstered armchairs in first row with remaining chairs to be in best possible condition
  • Lectern and microphone
  • Required number of chairs offstage for award recipients
  • Copy to Mr. Mark Salmon, Director of Physical Plant
  • Physical Plant, Housekeeping Director
  • Smith Hall auditorium must be cleaned by 10:00 a.m. on the morning of Convocation
  • Ms. Rhonda Taylor or Dr. Blocher: rooms in Smith Hall for presenters to dress; rooms need to be locked during the Convocation.
  • Trojan Ambassadors to serve as ushers
  • 6 – to distribute programs at door of auditorium by 6:00 p.m.
  • 1 – to monitor reserved seats for recipients and guests
  • 1 – to usher recipients backstage and assist with orderly advance to the stage to receive awards
  • 1 – to stand at bottom of steps as recipients exit stage
  • Beginning of April
  • Send rehearsal emails to participants using the list of individual award recipients and presenters after awards have been approved. Obtain a copy of the program from the chair of Printed Program Committee; this gives names of other participants, including students representing sororities and fraternities receiving awards.
  • Check with Alumni Office for number of seats to be reserved for guests. Inform Mrs. Hawkins that seats have been reserved for her and for guests.
  • Prior to rehearsal
  • Make name cards to place on chairs for presenters on stage
  • Make name cards to place on chairs in auditorium for recipients
  • Meet with student marshal to review all procedures.
  • Prepare seating diagram and line up list for processional.
  • Make sure that air conditioning is on in Claudia Crosby theatre.
  • Conduct Rehearsal
  • Place programs and name cards on chairs
  • Mark an “X” with special tape from Theater Department to indicate spot where recipients will stand on stage.
  • Provide seating diagram and line-up and explain procedures that will be followed by those participating in Honors Convocation.
  • Morning of Convocation
  • Make sure programs have been delivered by 10 a.m.
  • Reserve rows in auditorium (facing stage)
  • Center—Guests
  • Right—Award recipients
  • Place programs and name cards on stage
  • Convocation Evening
  • Check on rooms in Smith Hall for faculty use; lock during Convocation.
  • Check on programs and ushers.
  • Check to be sure all presenters and recipients are present. If someone is missing, notify the presenter and the individual who is next in line to avoid an awkward pause.
  • When processional lines are in place, give signal to Carla Gallahan to begin music.

Decorations Chair

  • Call to learn cost of renting 6 ferns and 6 columns of varying heights (2 of each size), plus an extra short column for the statue of Socrates. You will also want to order a spray of flowers to go in front of the podium.
  • Prepare purchase requisition for rental of materials with dates and times needed included.
  • Make sure Jean’s Flowers has received the order and directions in advance.
  • Request a black cloth to cover statue of Socrates on the evening of Convocation; contact Barbara Patterson.
  • Jean’s Flowers will deliver, set up, and pick up after Convocation.

Awards Screening Committee

  • Membership includes all members of the Council. Convocation packets can be found online. The packet includes a form for proposing new awards or making changes to existing awards. These forms are turned in to the chair of the Awards Screening Committee.
  • The Awards Screening Committee meets in February, within a week of the receipt of the award proposal forms. The committee decides whether to recommend approval of the proposed awards or changes.
  • This committee’s recommendations are presented at the Council of Honor Societies meeting held early Spring Semester. The Council of Honor Societies votes on whether or not to approve new awards or changes to existing awards.
  • The chair of the Awards Screening Committee notifies individuals who submitted forms requesting new awards or changes of the committee’s decision in writing.
  • Convocation packets contain Individual Award forms; these forms are returned to the chair of the Awards Screening Committee.
  • The Awards Screening Committee will meet to verify that all individuals slated to receive individual awards meet all of the university criteria for receipt of awards at Honors Convocation.
  • If any proposed award recipient does not meet the university established criteria, the individual submitting the proposal is notified in writing. A copy of the previous form will be provided.
  • The chair of the Awards Screening Committee makes sure that the copies of the approved individual award forms are distributed appropriately. One copy of each form is sent to the Program Committee. One copy of each form is sent to the Publicity Committee. One copy of each form is sent to the Invitation Committee, along with the address labels for each award recipient and parent(s)/spouse of the recipient that were included with the award forms. One copy of each form is sent to the Administrative Committee, along with the address labels for each award recipient and presenter that were included with the award forms.

Duties of the Permanent Secretary of the Council of Honor Societies


Fall Semester

  • Verify honor society advisors list.
  • Verify reservations for convocation.
  • Contact vice-chair, and schedule meeting for November. Reserve room and send out memos announcing the meeting a few weeks in advance of the meeting. If a speaker has not already been selected, request names of candidates for the convocation speaker. Request that names of speaker candidates be submitted with a brief curriculum vitae by a specified date prior to the first meeting.
  • Send out reminder notices the week before the fall meeting.
  • First meeting agenda should include:
  • assignment of committee duties
  • selection of individual who will serve as secretary
  • present and approve convocation deadlines
  • if a speaker has not previously been selected, presentation of the names of candidates and selection of an individual to recommend to the chancellor
  • set up spring semester meeting (mid February)
  • Send out convocation packet, and follow up lists of deadlines according to approved schedule
  • A memo should be sent to the chancellor requesting approval of the committee’s recommendation for speaker.
  • Chair, working with vice-chair, should contact any committee members who were unable to attend the meeting for assignment of committee duties.
  • Contact speaker and verify availability following approval from the chancellor. Keep in touch with the speaker, make hotel reservation and coordinate travel plans.

Spring Semester

  • Reserve space for next year’s rehearsal and convocation.
  • Continue work with speaker selection and approval if details are not yet finalized.
  • Contact Mrs. Hawkins and ask if she would like to host the dinner for the speaker on the evening of convocation. Work out alternative plans with Marriott if she is unable to host the dinner.
  • Working with the vice-chair, prepare a list of deadlines for convocation.
  • Send out memos announcing the February meeting; update members on the status of selecting a speaker.
  • February meeting agenda:
  • Report on status of speaker selection
  • Present and approve letters and invitations for convocation
  • Act on recommendations from the Awards Screening Committee. Following approval of recommendations, the vice-chair will notify individuals who sent in requests of approval or denial
  • Committee reports, and reminder of duties
  • Contact Chancellor to determine if he has selected someone to give the invocation; if he has not, identify the student who will give the invocation
  • Identify student who will give invocation.
  • Keep in contact with committee chairs to make sure that work in being done on schedule.
  • Make sure all plans are in place and that preparations are running smoothly remind members of the importance of rehearsal
  • Set up a post-convocation meeting to discuss problems encountered, and possibilities for improvements
  • Confirm plans for the dinner honoring the speaker.
  • Be sure that rehearsal, dinner honoring the speaker and the convocation all run smoothly.
  • Send out reminders about the post-convocation meeting.
  • Attend rehearsal, dinner honoring the speaker, and the convocation.
  • Post-convocation meeting:
  • Ask representatives for suggestions as to how convocation could be improved
  • Send memos thanking members of committees for their work.