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Graduate Types of Aid

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

For students attending Alabama campuses ONLY

The objectives of the Graduate Assistantship/Fellowship program are to provide professional experiences which complement graduate instruction and research while contributing financial assistance to students pursuing graduate degrees at TROY sites located in the state of Alabama. This assistantship/fellowship program is designed to aid in the successful completion of the degree pursued and to enhance career opportunities through applied professional experiences.

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Available Graduate Assistantships/Fellowships


The Perkins Loan program provides low interest loans to students who need financial assistance with which to pursue their college education. No interest is charged until graduation and no payments are due while the student is enrolled in college. 

FFEL Stafford Loans are made by approved lenders and are guaranteed by the Federal government. No payments are due on the loan while the student is enrolled in college, and in many cases the Government will pay the interest while the student is enrolled. However, interest dues are added. Loan Request forms may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

Assistance for Veterans:

For information about financial aid available to veterans, call 1-334-670-3701.

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