Montgomery Campus Orientation

Montgomery Impact

Welcome to Troy University, a diverse and vibrant public university!

TROY has outstanding students, faculty and staff who work together in the classrooms and play together during the varied extracurricular activities throughout the year, thus producing exciting and challenging educational experiences for everyone. There are over 22,000 students studying at four major TROY campus locations in Alabama as well as sites all over the world. TROY is a fairly large university, but because it is spread out over multiple campus locations, it still has that “small college feel” where faculty and staff know students by their name and not by a number.

The Montgomery Campus, located in the heart of downtown Montgomery, Alabama, is one of the larger campuses of Troy University. We are truly unique in many ways. Our outstanding faculty and staff are dedicated to serving primarily the “nontraditional” adult learner. The average age of our students is 28 and the Montgomery Campus is one of the most diverse university campuses in the Southeast, with the student body consisting of nearly a 50/50 ratio of minority and non-minority students.

The majority of our classes are taught in the evening and on weekends, as well as through a variety of distance delivery methods. Most of our students are employed, have families and numerous other commitments. Even though most of our courses are taught in classrooms on campus, it is often more convenient for some of our “working adults” to take courses via the Internet or television. These alternative options for completing courses with faculty assistance allow students to work at their own disciplined pace toward completing their degree programs.

The key to our success in serving nontraditional students is the hard work and dedication of the faculty and staff. They genuinely care about each student. Many of our faculty and staff completed their degree programs by “juggling” jobs and family responsibilities; therefore, they understand very well the demands that our students face in trying to achieve their educational goals.

I know you will find the faculty and staff professional, friendly and helpful. In addition to the nontraditional programs and courses offered on the Montgomery Campus, students also have access to all the degree programs and courses offered at all other Troy University campuses and sites around the globe. Courses transfer seamlessly between TROY locations with no credits being lost.

You can start a degree program on one campus and complete it anywhere in the world via TROY’s outstanding distance learning programs. In reality, TROY is just “One Big Campus”! I invite you to learn more about us by continuing to explore our website; if you still have questions that were not answered, give us a call. Better yet, stop by for a visit! I very much hope that you will come and be a part of the TROY family.

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