Physical Fitness

Cadet Led - Physical Fitness Schedule for fall and spring semesters:

  • Monday - Wednesday and Friday
  • Thursday – Remedial (for cadets who are struggling)
  • Start Time: 0600 to 0700
    • PT Location: Outside of Mitchell Hall (MH)
    • If raining – Rec Gym across the street from MH
  • APFT: Monthly – will start at 0530
    • Location: Troy Field Track

Physical Fitness Standards (2 minute - Sit-ups, Push-ups, & 2 Mile Run)

    • Minimum of 60% in each event is required to pass
    • Contracting APFT requirements may vary; normally new cadets are required to have a minimum of 240, but are expected to improve their APFT each month
    • To be competitive for contracting and scholarships, cadets should set their goals well above the minimum requirement and strive to get an average score of 270 or higher
    • APFT along with CGPA are a high percentage of a cadet’s accession points
      • Accession points are how cadets are ranked among their peers when being selected for active duty and for branching

Physical Fitness Pocket Guide

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