Training Program

The specific training you receive in Army ROTC focuses on leadership development, military skills and adventure training. This will take place both in the classroom and in the field. We ensure our program will not interfere with your other academic courses.

Army ROTC Cadets at Troy University participate in campus events, local civic activities, and military training. These events cover a broad range of challenges including:

  • Drill & Ceremony
  • Weapons Training (Rifle Range)
  • University Color Guard
  • Annual Ranger Challenge Team
  • Military Science Presentations
  • ROTC Summer Training (Basic & Advanced Camp)

Several of our Cadets volunteer and earn training slots in U.S. Army Schools, such as:

  • CULP (Cultural Understanding & Language Proficiency)
  • CTLT (Cadet Troop Leader Training)

Air Assault School

A physically challenging 10-day course at Fort Campbell, Kentucky designed to train soldiers in air assault operations, sling-load operations, and rappelling. Upon graduation of the course each soldier will be able to perform skills required to make maximum use of helicopter assets in training and in combat to support their unit operations. Learn more:

Airborne School

Intense 3-week school in Fort Benning, Georgia for contracted sophomores and juniors. Cadets learn the basics of Army parachuting and airborne operations. Cadets will be challenged mentally and physically and will earn the coveted Airborne Wings if they successfully complete this course. Learn more:

For more information on these training events, visit our Events and Activities page.

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