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iC3; the International Center for Collaboration and Creativity identifies, fosters and sustains collaboration between academic institutions and disciplines across the globe. iC3 utilizes creativity as the catalyst for exchange– collaboration as the conduit for global and cultural understanding.

iC3's VISION is academic, international, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural.

iC3's MISSION is to stimulate new, innovative and more hybrid ways of thinking, living and solving problems through collaboration and creativity.

iC3's ROLE is to discover new and creative means to encourage problem-solving and to share such findings with the academic communities and the world-at-large.

iC3 is a sub-set of the Department of Art and Design within the College of Communication and Fine Arts at TROY University and is governed accordingly.

iC3 WELCOMES editorial comments as well as suggested proposals for future international or interdisciplinary projects. Submit any comments here. If you have a suggested proposal, please complete the form that is linked on the research page.


TROY University | College of Communication and Fine Arts | Department of Art and Design | Malone 132 | Troy, AL 36082 | 334.670.3391 [p] or 334.670.3395 [f]