I N T E R N A T I O N A L    D E S I G N    T E A M   ::


Meet the Current International DESIGN TEAM ::

Ewa Zimmerman / SE [advisor]

Contact: ewa.zimmerman@ide.hh.se
Hometown: Varberg, Sweden
Education: BA Informatics, BA Pedagogic, Ph Lic, PhD candidate
Skills: Teaching Information Systems Development and tutoring student thesis Director of Studies and International Coordinator for Informatics at Halmstad University
Bio: In my profession I teach within the ISD area and is interested in ERP-systems and their use in organizations. My Ph Lic thesis was focusing on how intranet use can be enhanced for disseminating information to end-users. I have been employed at Halmstad University the last 10 years. Before that I worked with competence development in municipalities, by teaching teachers to use computers in ground schools. I live by the see in a small town, Varberg were I spend most of my free time during the summer. My husband and I have three children and two grand children who I love to play with on my free time. I also love to travel both to the sun in south of Europe and to the snow to ski.


Sara Dismukes / US [faculty]

Contact: sdismukes@troy.edu
Hometown: CA>AR>NC>VT>AL, USA
Education: BFA, Studio Art (Henderson State University); MFA, Painting (East Carolina University)
Skills: Most anything made by Adobe
Bio: Prior to joining the Art and Design faculty here at Troy University I've worked as a designer/illustrator at a book publisher, as the site administrator for an arts residency program, and as a personal assistant/studio manager/workshop coordinator for a Master Printer at a digital studio. I've also waited tables, so I know I'm fortunate to have been able to make a career in a field I love. Although my background is in the studio arts, I've found design to be a discipline that allows for creative and collaborative exchange - and as much as I enjoy working with design technology, I prefer working with people. I'm excited about iC3 and its mission of collaboration and exchange.


Lesley Graham / US [student]

Contact: lesleymichellegraham@gmail.com
Hometown: Pell City, Alabama
Education: Graphic Design / Photography (junior)
Skills: Photography, Photoshop, Web Design, InDesign/QuarkXPress and mulitiple photographic processes
I am a 21 year old student at Troy University, about to end my Junior year. I really enjoy mixing all types of mediums and creating textured, hands-on type designs. I began photography originally to aid in my studio skills, and it has turned into an extra element to my designs.  I really enjoy learning programs and discovering new tricks for designing. In the future, I hope to be able to use my mixture of talents in designing layouts, websites, or any other type of design that comes my way.


Perry Brown / US [student]

Contact: perrybrown76@gmail.com
Hometown: Troy, Alabama US
Education: BS Design, Technology & Innovation / Advertising (Junior)
Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign
Bio:I am 21 years old and I am about to be a senior. I really enjoy designing web
sites and posters. I hope to graduate and work for a good design firm, and
eventually have my own company.


Traci Rood / US [student]

Contact: trood@troy.edu
Hometown: Enterprise, Alabama US
Education: BS Design, Technology & Innovation / Photography (Junior)
Skills: ---
Bio: ---



Zarah Nilsson / SE [student]

Contact: zarnil06@stud.hh.se
Hometown: ---
Education: ---
Skills: ---
Bio: I am a 23 year old student at Halmstad University who has one year left at the Multimediadesign programme. After that I hope to get a job involving some kind of design, maybe at an advertising agency or in a larger company. I like to work with all aspects of design and how the different mediums work together. I love to travel and meet new people, exploring new cultures and learning new languages. I'm looking forward to our collaboration and excited to see the end product :)


Beau Bishop / US [student]

Contact: alittledistracted@gmail.com / www.myspace.com/alittledistracted
Hometown: Buren, Germany
Education: Graphic Design / 3D Studio (Senior)
Skills: Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Illustrator and QuarkXPress
Bio: I'm 27, going for my BS in Graphic Design. I love creating things be it on the computer or in 3D mediums such as clay, wood, etc. Drawing is another one of my passions, and I try and combine all three together when I can. I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, so far been to most of the lower 48 states and 7 countries in Europe.


Linn Davidsson / SE [student]

Contact: lindav06@stud.hh.se
Hometown: Kungsbacka, Sweden
Education: Multimedia Design (Halmstad)
Skills: Photoshop, Flash and InDesign
Bio: I am 21 year old student at Halmstad University. I spend much time photographing and in front of the screen editing photos. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing games and travel around the world. I love music, music is my passion in life :) I am excited about this collaboration and what the end product will look like. This will be fun!


Greg Skaggs / US [faculty]


Contact: jgskaggs@troy.edu
Hometown: Elk City, Oklahoma USA
Education: BA Graphic Design; BS Art Education; MFA Painting (Oklahoma University)
Skills: Cage Fighting and the Hammer Throw. I am known to wrestle the Scottish Octopus on occasion.
Bio: I’ve spent much of my adult life working with kids and college students. I met my wife while working as a resident camp councilor for the YMCA and spent nine years as a middle school art teacher in the Oklahoma City area. While finishing my MFA at the University of Oklahoma, I taught graphic and multimedia design at SAU Tech in southern Arkansas. Yep, it was not easy. After a short tenure at Southern Arkansas University I came to TROY University in the fall of 2005.

I consider my journey through the visual arts to be one of both successes and failures. The successes have brought my work to show throughout the southwest and the south of the US. The failures have pushed me to work harder and to continue to make art that both engage the viewer and me. I regard myself as eclectic and multi-sensory and strive for my work to portray those qualities.


Emma Lundgren / SE [student]

Contact: emmalun06@stud.hh.se
Hometown: Helsingborg, Sweden
Education:High School: computer and information technology. Current: Multimedia Design at Halmstad University.
Skills: Flash, Photoshop, InDesign.
Bio: I’m turning 23 in less than a month and have enjoyed art and drawing al my life. The last years I´ve been trying to turn digital. With tools like Flash and Photoshop. I enjoy creating interactive and good looking web sites along with drawing with regular pen and paper. My ambitions are to maybe become an Art Director or a Creative Director of some kind. When I´m not in school I practice the afrobrazilian artform Capoeira more then I have time to. It´s a perfect way to clear my head when times are hard of when I have a lot to do in school. This project will be interesting and a great learning experience!


Jerry Johnson / US [faculty]


Contact: jjohnson@troy.edu
Hometown: Weatherford, Oklahoma USA
Education: BA Commercial Art; MEd Art Education; MFA Graphic Design (Louisiana Tech University)
Skills: Most all webtop and desktop publishing software programs, Writing, Painting/Drawing/Illustration, unfunny joke-telling and Songwriting.
Bio: I am extremely interested in life, its people and places. I know that's rather huge but it's true. This is one reason I am impassioned about international and intercultural learning experiences. I appreciate all disciplines including science and religion and have no problem negotiating them both. I was a fulltime musician for many years before teaching design and still try to keep my chops up with my electronic keyboards. I love Indian food and I have a sweetheart of 28 years- Lana as well as two children- Nikki and Aaron who are both university students.

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Meet the Past International DESIGN TEAM ::

Daniel Leary / US [student]

Contact: dannyleary@gmail.com / www.myspace.com/darthdannious
Hometown: Daleville, Alabama USA
Education: Graphic Design / Marketing (Graduated 2007/Now Web Designer for Bailey Designs)

Misun Koo / SOUTH KOREA [student]

Contact: mkoo@troy.edu, http://blog.naver.com/whazup
Hometown: Pucheon, South Korea
Education: English/Graphic Design

Josh Yohn / US [student]

Contact: joshyohn@gmail.com / http://myspace.com/roadsend
Hometown: Dothan, Alabama USA
Education: Graphic Design / 2D Studio (Graduated 2007/Now Graphic Designer for MarketWise, LLC.)

Farah Azizieh / AMMAN-JORDAN [student]

Contact: farah_azizieh@hotmail.com
Hometown: Damascus, Amman-Jordan
Education: Graphic Design/Photography

Jeff Hake, Jr. / US [student]


Contact: jhake@troy.edu
Hometown: Clinton, Iowa USA
Education: Digital Studio (Senior)


Erika Miller / US [student]

Contact: elm_04@yahoo.com, myspace.com/elm_04
Hometown: Chipley, Florida USA
Education: Graphic Design/Intercultural Communications (Graduated 2007/Now Senior Creative Director for Ellera)

Maria Akesson / SWEDEN [advisor]

Contact: maria.akesson@ide.hh.se
Hometown: Halmstad, Sweden
Education: BA Business Administration, MA Informatics, PhD candidate Informatics


Sheetal Donahue / INDIA+US [graduate student]


Contact: sdonahue@troy.edu
Hometown: New Delhi, India (now Troy)
Education: BS Graphic Design/Photography; MS International Relations
Skills: Photographer/Designer...
Bio: I enjoy travelling, meeting new people, learning about different cultures... I love life... It is the most amazing journey that enriches me at every turn... just when I think I know where I'm headed, comes a crossroad that takes me somewhere new... All I carry with me is an adventurous spirit and faith that I am exactly where I'm meant to be at any given moment in time!

Ellen Gorsevski / US [faculty]

Contact: egorsevski@troy.edu
Hometown: Washington, D.C. USA
Education: PhD/MA Communications (Now teaching at Bowling Green State University)