Board of Trustees

Welcome to website of The Board of Trustees of Troy University. We hope that this web page provides insight into the role of the Board and its responsibilities to the University and to the people of Alabama.

The Trustees of Troy University are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate, and have full management over Troy University.The Board consists of 12 voting members elected for 12-year terms. Members serve without compensation.


Governor Ivey

Governor of Alabama,
President, ex-officio

Allen Owen

Gerald O. Dial
President pro tempore
Area 5

John Harrison

John D. Harrison
Vice President pro tempore
Area 2

Earl Johnson

Earl Johnson
Area 2

Forrest Latta

Forrest Latta
Area 1

Allen Owen

Allen E. Owen III
Area 3

Lamar Higgins

Lamar P. Higgins
Area 4

Gibson Vance

C. Gibson Vance
Area 4

Karen Carter

Karen E. Carter
Area 6

Roy Drinkard

Roy H. Drinkard
Area 7

Edward Crowell

Edward F. Crowell
At Large

Charles Nailen

C. Charles Nailen
At Large

Student Member—SGA president
Non-voting member

Jack Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D., Secretary
Executive Committee
G. Dial, J. Harrison, K. Carter, A. Owen

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