Sorrell College of Business welcomes gifts from private donors and will consider working with nonprofit and governmental organizations on grants.

Individual Giving

A gift to the Sorrell College of Business demonstrates your confidence in the direction of our College and can make a lasting difference in providing our students with the best educational experience possible. We continue to place our highest emphasis on serving our students through a culture of caring and ever raising the quality of our academic programs.

Your contributions, in any amount, make a big difference in providing a high quality education to our students.

Ways to Give

If you are especially interested in Sorrell College of Business and would like to send us a tax-deductible donation, please feel free to contact Tara Morelock for more information on contributing or click here (under designation section, specify the donation is for Sorrell College of Business).

Sorrell College of Business would also be happy to accept donations earmarked for a specific program or project.

Thank You!

We cannot overstate how important your contributions are to us and how these funds can help the Sorrell College of Business sustain and strengthen its academic and outreach programs. We are able to equip future business leaders with the best educational experience because of donations we receive from alumni and friends like you. We thank you for your support!

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