Trojan Cafe

Trojan Cafe

Trojan Café isn’t about caffeine; it’s about community—a community of TROY students, faculty and staff from all around the world who are eager to make your college experience fuller and more rewarding regardless of your location.


Created in 2014 as an online community for Troy University students, Trojan Café continues to grow with the demands of its users who are searching for academic, social, professional and collegiate resources. Set up through TROY’s Canvas system to resemble a neighborhood bulletin board, Trojan Café allows you to keep up with TROY’s latest news and important dates and events all while learning more about your peers and instructors as well as the resources available to you as a TROY student.

Trojan Café is a hub of information. Here, you can find out more about TROY’s newest academic programs, get to know TROY’s online and on-campus faculty, read about your fellow students around the country, receive resume and cover letter writing tips and find invaluable career services information, tips, job leads and assistance. But that’s not all Trojan Café has to offer.

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Each week, the site provides students something new whether it’s a new article written by a University faculty member or a spotlight feature written by a fellow student. Trojan Café’s mission is to celebrate its students and provide a top-notch university experience to each and every Trojan Warrior.

Just as on-campus students have student centers and dining halls, Trojan Café provides its users with meeting areas, too. The site offers a series of student forums where TROY Trojans from around the globe and from all walks of life can reach out to one another to share advice, borrow class notes, provide emotional support and sell or purchase books. You can also use our message boards to connect with faculty, ask questions about different on-campus and TROY Online programs and participate in University-wide contests.


Whether you are sitting front and center in one of our many classrooms at campuses and sites around the country or sitting in front of a keyboard anywhere around the world, you and your classmates are part of the Troy University family. So, come hang out at the Trojan Café and learn more about your greatest resource—one another.

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