Graduate School Planning

Considering Graduate School? Here are some helpful resources.


Application Timeline

Junior Year – Spring

  • Research programs in your field. Collect school catalogs, contact the professional/licensing organizations, speak to current students/graduates of interesting programs, consult reference books, websites or software.
  • Identify which standardized tests are required for admission and when they are offered during the year. For most programs, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) will be required.
  • Choose a test date for the GRE and any required Subject test. Consider taking a test preparation course.

Junior Year – Summer

  • Begin a preliminary list of people to write recommendation letters for you.
  • Investigate programs you are interested in.
  • Begin filling our financial aid forms.
  • Begin drafting personal statements.
  • Contact programs and get current catalogs and applications.
  • Take admissions tests.

Senior Year – Fall

  • Begin filling out applications.
  • Take admissions tests if you have not already done so.
  • Choose recommenders and get all necessary info to them one month in advance.
  • Finish paperwork for financial aid.
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