Human Services Courses (HS)

HS 2230
Survey of Human Services (3)
  A survey of the major human service delivery systems to include historical development, populations served, professional roles, and interrelationships between targeted social problems and services delivered. Introduction to the ecological/systems perspective as a tool for understanding these relationships. Includes observations and field trips.
HS 2240
Ethics (3)
  Ethical decision-making and skill development within the helping professions.
HS 2250
Fundamentals of Case Management (3)
  This course will introduce the foundation of case management to include the process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, documentation and advocacy of options and service. Case studies will be utilized to facilitate practical application.
HS 3310
Human Behavior In the Social Environment I (3)
  The biopsychosocial aspects of human growth and development throughout the life cycle. Emphasis is placed on understanding the individual in interaction with major social systems. Knowledge, skill, and value bases necessary for biopsychosocial assessment are built.
HS 3370
Professional Communication Skills (3)
  Principles and techniques of interviewing for human services professionals. Major emphasis is the building of empathic skills.
HS 3375
Diversity (3)
  This course provides students with an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, ethnic and gender sensitivity, as well as ageism, in social work practice with a variety of populations is highlighted.
HS 3380
Human Services Study Abroad (3)
  Students will study abroad and engage in service learning opportunities in another culture. Students will develop an understanding of the economy, culture, customs and human services practices of the country while observing and engaging in direct human service practice. Prerequisites: successful completion of Troy Study Abroad Program requirements and fees.
HS 3399
Pre-Practicum Seminar (3)
  This course will evaluate the student’s ability (knowledge, values, and skills) required to begin Human Service Field Experience. The class will focus upon areas essential for competent human service practice, including social policy and contemporary topics. Prerequisite: Completing of HS Major requirements. The practicum site must be approved.
HS 4400-4410-4420
Human Service Field Experience I (3), II (3) and III (3)
  Provides experiences in a variety of social and human services settings with an emphasis on the multiple natures of human problems and the impact these problems have on the disabled and disadvantaged. Includes a weekly seminar plus a minimum of 120 clock hours per course hour spent in a particular agency setting. Clinical hours and responsibilities will be determined by internship supervisor. Prerequisites: Senior level, HS 2230, HS 3370and HS 3399 or permission of instructor.
HS 4491-4492
Guided Independent Research (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)
  Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research.
HS 4493-4494
Guided Independent Study (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)
  Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research.
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