Music Courses (MUS)

NOTE: Graduate students may not enroll in a 5500-numbered course if it duplicates the same course listed on an undergraduate transcript.

MUS 6600
Band Performance (1)
  This course covers rehearsal/performance through band literature
MUS 6601
Choral Performance (1)
 This course covers rehearsal/performance through choral literature
MUS 6605
Advanced Music Technologies (3)
  Advanced educational use of multimedia and internet based music technologies.
MUS 6607
Literature and Techniques for the Beginning/Middle School Band (3)
  A study of the materials and techniques utilized in the beginning/middle school band program. Listening and score analysis will be included.
MUS 6610
Advanced Woodwind Pedagogy (3)
  A study of teaching techniques, materials, and repertoire for woodwind instruments.
MUS 6612
Advanced Music Program Administration (3)
 An intensive study of the administration, curriculum, organization, and teaching techniques of school music programs.
MUS 6614-6648
Private Instruction (1)
  Private instruction is available in the following are-as:
6614 Piano
6615 Organ
6616 Voice
6617 Clarinet
6618 Oboe
6619 Flute
6620 Bassoon
6621 Saxophone
6622 Trumpet
6623 Horn
6624 Trombone
6644 Guitar
6645 Euphonium
6646 Tuba
6647 Percussion
6648 Conducting
MUS 6625, 6626, 6627
Specialized Study in Area of Music (1- 3)
The student has the opportunity to engage in intensive study of a particular subject or learn a pertinent skill, which fits his/her academic and/or professional needs, but is not available in the regular curriculum. See semester hour limits listed under Course Restrictions in the General Regulations section.
MUS 6630
Collaboration for Inclusion (3)
  This course is designed to provide advanced students with an in-depth study of current literature and research on collaboration and consultation as a service delivery model to meet the challenge of educating students with disabilities in the regular classroom. Specifically, this course focuses on collaborative-related issues for teachers who work with students with disabilities. Prerequisite: A survey of Special Education Course is required if not previously completed.
MUS 6631
Advanced Rehearsal Techniques (3)
  Teaching music through performance in context.
MUS 6638
Literature Analysis (3)
  Historical and theoretical analysis of masterworks for band or choir.
MUS 6639
Computer-based Music Notation (3)
  An exploration of music notation software. Students will use industry standard notation software to design and produce musical scores, parts, and assignments to be used in a K-12 educational setting.
MUS 6653
Educational Evaluation in Music (3)
  Advanced study in music assessment.
MUS 6654
Music Pedagogy 1 (1)
  Alabama Music Educators Association Conference. Attendance and written portfolio is required.
MUS 6655
Music Pedagogy 2 (1)
  Troy University High School Honor Band or Choir Clinic. Attendance and written portfolio is required.
MUS 6656
Music Pedagogy 3 (1)
  Troy University Middle School Honor Band Clinic. Attendance and written portfolio is required.
MUS 6657
Advanced Brass Pedagogy (3)
  A study of teaching techniques, materials, and repertoire for brass instruments.
MUS 6658
Advanced Percussion Pedagogy (3)
  A study of teaching techniques, materials, and repertoire for percussion.
MUS 6660
Legal Issues in Music Education (3)
  This course will provide an overview of our legal system, examine court cases in music/music education and identify the implications studied from this review to assist the practicing music educator
MUS 6662
Advanced Arranging (3)
 A study of advanced arranging and scoring concepts for instrumental or choral ensembles.
MUS 6670
Practical Band Instrument Repair (3)
 This course covers the maintenance, repair, and supervision of equipment used by music educators.
MUS 6680
Leadership in Music Education (3)
  The course will focus on principles of leadership as they relate to the music educator and conductor.
MUS 6685
Music Pedagogy 4 (1)
  Attendance and written portfolio required.
MUS 6686
Music Pedagogy 5 (1)
  Troy University Summer Band Clinic. Attendance and written portfolio required.
MUS 6691
Research Methods (3)
  Research methods will provide the student with a detailed examination of types of research and reporting and a working knowledge of research terminology and data analyses as applied to the field of music.
MUS 6696
Practicum (2 credit hours)
  Application of professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes through discussion of historical and philosophical highlights of music education. Includes completion of an individual music project/presentation.
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