English as a Second Language Courses (ESL)

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ESL 1100
Preparatory English Nonnative Speakers of English (3, with petition)
  Instruction for nonnative speakers of English preparing for ENG 1101. Focus on application of rules of standard English grammar and U.S.
composition patterns. Involves application of appropriate computer software and a variety of written activities. Students who do not pass the eWrite text are placed in this course. Students write five to seven in-class compositions and may be required to attend weekly session at the ESL Tutoring Center and ESL Computer Lab. Classes meet four days per week. Note: This course will not substitute for any general studies requirement and will not be used in meeting minimum degree requirements.
ESL 1102
Listening/Speaking VI Advanced
  Academic focus: listening strategies for academic lectures, such as anticipating and organizing information; understanding connecting words and pronoun referents; recognizing analogy, quotations, and paraphrasing. Skill-building exercises include listening for main ideas, making inferences, listening for specific information, summarizing, and
recognizing vocabulary in context. Speaking focuses on delivering oral presentations, engaging in academic discourse. Computer Lab requirement.
ESL 1104
Reading VI Advanced
  Helps the students be ready for academic reading. Vocabulary building through brainstorming, vocabulary lists, and close exercises that help learners guess the meaning from context and see regularity in the language. Introduces students to the lifestyles, attitudes, customs, and traditions of Americans. Reading Lab requirement: one hour per week.
ESL 1106
Grammar VI Advanced
  Review, expansion, and practice of auxiliaries and phrasal verbs, gerunds and infinitives, introduces adverbs and adverb clauses, noun clauses (subjects and objects), unreal conditionals and other ways to express unreality, and the subjunctive, inverted and implied conditionals. Includes in-depth analysis of sentence structure: sentence types, sentence fragments, parallelism of gerunds and infinitives, sentence and fragments, writing direct and indirect speech, and avoiding run-ons and comma splices. Independent CD-based exercises on topics covered in 1106 – two hours per week.
ESL 1108
Writing VI Advanced
  Focus on essay construction. Emphasis is placed on coherence, unity, and writing well-developed and well-organized essays. Explores different rhetorical patterns (chronological order, logical division of ideas, cause-effect, comparison/contrast, etc) as means to the end in fulfilling academic writing assignments. Study of different ways to organize and present ideas for different groups of readers. Emphasis on writing as a process, with frequent group work to generate ideas and practice peer editing. Writing Lab requirement: one hour per week.
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