Geographic Information Systems Courses (GIS)

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GIS 3301
Cartography & Geovisualization (3)
  Skills and knowledge required to design, produce and reproduce maps, and understand the computation issues relating to these workflows, and capabilities for representing and interpreting spatial information through maps and related mapping products.
GIS 3305
Spatial Information and Analysis (3)
  Skills and knowledge related to spatial processes, point patterns, and autocorrelation in area data, as well as in continuous fields.
GIS 4401
Spatial Database Design and Management (3)
  Introduction to design, implementation, and management of spatial data base systems; modeling and representation of spatial objects; fundamentals of relational database design, normalization, and SQL; spatial data queries, spatial indices, and integrity constraints; and spatial database management and applications. Prerequisite: GEM 3390.
GIS 4405
Spatial Modeling and Programming (3)
  Introduction to geospatial analysis and modeling process using GIS modeling tools and programming languages. Focuses on GIS customization, integration of basic geoprocessing tools, programming fundamentals of Python, spatial data access and manipulation with Python, design and implementation of geospatial solutions to automate geoprocessing tasks using Python.
Prerequisite: GEM 3390.
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