Philosophy Courses (PHI)

PHI 2201
Introduction to Political Philosophy (3)
  Major Classical sources of political thought and the application of these sources to contemporary political issues.
PHI 2203
Introduction to Philosophy (3)
  Brief history of philosophical ideas and the basics of Aristotelian logic.
PHI 2204
Ethics and the Modern World (3)
  An introduction to basic ethics and to contemporary ethical issues.
PHI 2205
Introduction to Logic (3)
  An introduction to the basic concepts, principles, and methods of argument analysis and evaluation.
PHI 2210
Critical Thinking (3)
  Examines problem solving techniques; decision making; basic concepts of inductive and deductive reasoning. Promotes reasoning skills applicable to career- and real-life situations.
PHI 2215
General Topics in Philosophy (3)
  An examination of a designed topic of special and/or current interest and importance generally not covered in regularly offered courses by the department.
PHI 2280
Travel Study in Philosophy (3)
  Supervised investigation of relevant topics in philosophy through travel-study abroad or within the interior of United States.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
PHI 3301
Western Philosophy (3)
  Survey of philosophical ideas from the ancient Greeks through the 20th century.
PHI 3310
Applied Ethics (3)
  Advanced study of the ethical issues that arise in such intellectual endeavors as medicine, law, business, military science, engineering, etc.
PHI 3320
Non-Western Philosophies (3)
  Introduces students to the philosophical traditions of the non-western world. Emphasis is on non-contemporary traditions of metaphysics, cosmology, ethics, philosophy of religion, social and political philosophy and logic.
PHI 3322
Philosophy of Religion (3)
  Examines philosophical issues relating to religion, including arguments for and against God’s existence, the problem of evil, the relation between divine foreknowledge and human freedom, the relation between religion and science, the problem of faith and reason, and personal immortality.
PHI 3365
Bioethics in Historical Context (3)
  Examines moral problems in biomedical and scientific research, including ethical issues surrounding research involving human and animal subjects, eugenics, the human genome project, cloning and stem cell research.
PHI 4493-94
Guided Independent Study (1 to 3 credit hours per course)
  Guided independent study of a designed topic of special interest. Prerequisites: PHI 2203 or 2204 or permission of instructor.
PHI 4495
Selected Topics in Philosophy (3)
  Advanced study of a designed topic of special interest. Prerequisites: PHI 2203 or 2204 or permission of instructor.
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