Mrs. Janice Hawkins

Troy University's First Lady

Chancellor Hawkins

Janice Hawkins’ career has been marked by a strong commitment to education and public service. In her roles as Troy University First Lady and as educator of the visually impaired, Mrs. Hawkins has provided leadership in a variety of areas. Her vision and efforts have ensured that TROY’s “culture of caring” is as alive today as it was in the early days of the University. Credited to her influence on the Troy, Ala. Campus are houses dedicated to sororities, completion of the Olmsted plan for landscaping and parks, creation of the annual Helen Keller Lecture Series and more.

Mrs. Hawkins’ tireless efforts have raised funds to support scholarships and endowments, and she is committed to preparing students for life after college by teaching etiquette and protocol for business and formal functions. Mrs. Hawkins supports the University’s commitment to the military. Through her influence, the TROY for Troops program was established.

A supporter of the arts and humanities, she is instrumental in the University’s dance, theatre and musical events. Currently, Mrs. Hawkins is involved in spearheading the renovation of the Cultural Arts Center for Troy’s campus, which includes a park named in her honor by the Troy University Board of Trustees, an amphitheater, the new home for 200 Terra Cotta Warriors and other sculptures, and the renovation of Stewart Hall, which will serve as the new home for the arts and design program and two galleries. Also a supporter of college athletics, Mrs. Hawkins is a fan of University athletes and teams.

The Chancellor’s home is the front door of the University, and Mrs. Hawkins has assured that hospitality is the hallmark of Troy University by opening the home to the public and University community. With her husband, she personally honors graduating seniors and their families by hosting breakfasts in the Chancellor’s home before each commencement on the Troy, Ala. Campus, and she opens her home by hosting dozens of student groups throughout the year.

A gourmet cook, as well as a gifted hostess, Mrs. Hawkins has directed the publication of three Troy University cookbooks, with proceeds from book sales benefitting student organizations.

Mrs. Hawkins has served Alabama in many capacities, including Chair of the Alabama Historical Commission, the Board of Directors for the Alabama Humanities Foundation, the Alabama Board of Interpreters for the Deaf, and the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind.

Mrs. Hawkins earned a Bachelor of Science degree from David Lipscomb University and a Master of Science from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a major in special education for the multiple disabled with emphasis on the visually impaired. She also has completed postgraduate courses. She continues to speak nationally on education of the blind and visually impaired.

While Troy University is a priority for Mrs. Hawkins, the focus of her life is her family. She is a committed wife, mother and grandmother. Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins have two daughters, Katie and Kelly, both graduates of Troy University. Katie is married to Maj. Dan Beall, USAF, and they are the parents of Noah and Ellyotte. Kelly is an Alabama Assistant Attorney General and married to Adam Godwin, a coach in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization and former All American baseball player at Troy University. Kelly and Adam are the parents of Micah Mae.

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