Travel the World ~ Study Abroad Programs

China / Language/Dance
Dr. Iris Xu (808-6544)
Costa Rica / Spanish
Dr. Johanna Alberich (808-6171)
England / JRN/COM
Dr. Jeff Spurlock (670-3232)
France / French
Dr. Jim Sherry (670-3316)
Italy / Art & Design
Prof. Greg Skaggs (670-3871)
Mexico / Spanish
Dr. Ken LaBrant (670-3304)
Netherlands / ART/BCJRN
Dr. Don Jeffrey 334-983-6556 ext. 220
Sweden / Art & Design
Prof. Pam Allen (670-5738)

The College of Communication & Fine Arts is dedicated to celebrating the creative forces of the human spirit. Our faculty serves as a catalyst for identifying, fostering and facilitating educational experiences that transcend the limitations of a single campus environment. This quest for inter-cultural and international expression embraces a global view of collaboration and creativity that moves far beyond the boarders of Alabama by providing language, culture, fine and performing arts study abroad opportunities throughout the world.  

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