Teaching in China

Would you like to teach English in China?


We need 4 teachers to teach English in China.

If you have one of the following degrees: B.Ed., M.Ed., BA, or MA. on one of the following area, Language Arts, or Second Language Education or TEFL/TESOL/TESL

You must be an English native speakers.

You must know a little bit of Chinese language and Chinese culture or take the following course

CHI 1101/1102; CHI 2201/2202 at Troy University

You will teach 20 hours a week from Monday to Friday.

We offer the following benefits to you:

  • We will pay you ¥ 6000 ‐ 6500 yuan/per month ($1,000)
  • We will pay your for your round trip international flight.
  • We will pay your holiday subsidy ¥ 2200 yuan/yearly.
  • We will pay your accommodations including apartment, TV, air ‐ condition, telephone, fridge, internet, washing machine and furniture.

For more information please contact

Dr. Iris Xu 
Director, Confucius Institute at Troy University 
Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Culture 
Confucius institute at Troy University 
23/30 Bibb Graves Hall, Troy University 
Email: irisxu@troy.edu 

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Chongqing Normal University [PDF]

Chongqing University [PDF]

Chongqing University-Employment Ad [PDF]

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