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Continuing Education Center
Spring 2015
Learn at your own pace! Instructor-facilitated online cours-
es run for six weeks. Courses include lessons, quizzes,
hands-on assignments, discussion areas, supplementary
links, and more. Complete any of these courses entirely
from your home or office and at any time of the day or
Courses available include -
General Business Skills, Computer courses,
Health & Wellness, Legal, Photography,
Management & Leadership,
Nonprofit Management, Fundraising,
and much, much more!
New course sessions begin each month. Visit the Online
Instruction Center to see exact start dates and syllabus for the
courses that interest you.
Courses Start as Low as $99
Visit our webpage at
for a complete list of courses.
Online Learning through
Healthcare Seminars
Master Mentor Program
The Master Mentor Program is a certificate program prepar-
ing American Sign Language professionals to serve as men-
Mentors are experienced professionals and specialized edu-
cators who provide guidance, support, and direction to newly
graduating and less experienced professional incumbents at
all skill levels.
Mentors guide adult learners in a process of professional
self-discovery, helping them make the transition from educa-
tion programs to the working environment. Mentors can also
provide support to working professionals to move to the next
level or acquire a new skill. Participants must be a nationally
certified interpreter for at least five years prior to entering the
For pricing and complete details, go to
Mentoring III - January 5-March 8, 2015
The course focuses strongly on the skill enhancement aspects of a
mentor's work. Students are introduced to the theory and practice of
meaning-based approaches to promoting interpreter development.
Mentoring IV - March 16-May 17, 2015
The main focus for students in the course is to carry out their indi-
vidual fieldwork projects successfully. In addition, students continue
their exploration of portfolio as a mentoring tool, by compiling the
mentorship component of their portfolios. Students are also expect-
ed to reflect on their overall progress in becoming master mentors
as they apply their skills and insights to independent work.
Mentoring I and II will begin in the Fall of 2015.
Business / Professional
Courses designed for healthcare professionals
to earn continuing education units are
scheduled throughout the year.
Visit the website at under
Professional Development or
call 334-983-0005 for information
on up-to-date CEU seminars.
Social Media Security Professional (SMSP)
Designed for individuals who must acquire knowledge and
skills to anticipate attacks and guard sensitive information
from social media hackers. In this online course you will learn
to identify and mitigate social media security risks and you will
leave with tools to quickly respond to security breaches. This
online course prepares you for the Social Media Security
Professional (SMSP) Certification. Certified SMSPs are the
organization’s first line of defense from social media security
For complete information on this course
and more,
go to