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Career Training
Continuing Education Center
Spring 2015
Career Training Programs
Are you looking to start a new career or gain skills to advance in your existing one? You've come to the right
place! You can start these career training programs offered in partnership with Ed2Go anytime and work at a pace that suits your individual
style. You'll have access to all the lessons and assignments from day one, and many of these programs can be completed in less than six
months. You'll get all the materials and instructor assistance you need to have a truly comprehensive learning experience. Upon completing
your program with a passing score, you'll receive a certificate of completion.
Certified Bookkeeper
The Certified Bookkeeper Online Training
Program for experienced bookkeepers
leads to national certification with the
American Institute of Professional
Bookkeepers (AIPB). The AIPB certification
is a high professional standard for book-
keepers. This program was created by the
AIPB and is offered in partnership with
major colleges, universities, and other
accredited education providers.
Certified Personal Trainer
This online program blends the best of aca-
demic and hands-on training, offering
online instructor-facilitated education, four
days of live practical training, and a
required 30-hour internship that will give
you real-life experience you can put on your
résumé. When you successfully complete
all course requirements and the necessary
CPR/AED first aid training, you’ll receive
Instructor Training School (W.I.T.S.)
Personal Trainer Certification.
Grant Writing
The Grant Writing Online Training Program
will teach you the essentials of writing,
researching, obtaining, and maintaining
grants. You’ll learn how to format your pro-
posals, how to write effectively, and how to
get funded.
Medical Billing and Coding
You will learn to function as an important
member of the healthcare team by provid-
ing key skills such as abstracting from med-
ical records, assigning codes to diagnoses
and procedures using the ICD-9-CM, ICD-
10-CM, CPT and HCPCS Level II code books,
developing insurance claims according to
third-party guidelines, and understanding
the legal, ethical and regulatory concepts
that are vital to this field.
Non-Profit Management
Learn all about nonprofit management!
Examine the fundamental principles of
nonprofit management, explore the roles
and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of
directors and the management team, dis-
cover the essential aspects of fundraising,
and become acquainted with the budgeting
Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness
and Sports
The Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness,
and Sports Online Training Program will
teach you about developing individualized
nutritional programs for clients, patients, or
yourself. The American College of Sports
Medicine has certified this curriculum. This
innovative and comprehensive Web-based
certificate program provides an in-depth
examination of contemporary nutritional
topics, such as meal plan analysis, function-
al food implementation, antioxidants, pub-
lic nutrition, sports nutrition, vitamin sup-
plementation, and weight management.
The Paralegal Online Training Program will
prepare you for success in this growing
career field. You’ll learn about the
American legal system, how to conduct
legal research and legal interviews, how to
perform legal analyses, and more. Your
training will prepare you to become a legal
secretary or paralegal and to take the certi-
fication exam.
Pharmacy Technician
Learn the skills you need to become a phar-
macy tech in a hospital or retail setting with
Certification Training Program. You'll gain
the skills and knowledge to qualify for
entry-level positions in pharmacies, and
you'll be prepared for national
certification. This program
pairs students with an instruc-
tor for one-on-one assistance
and may include a 40-100 hour
Secrets of Better Photography
Master your digital camera and learn the
secrets behind outstanding photos!
Whether you have a digital SLR, a point-
and-shoot camera, or something in
between, you'll learn how to use it the way
you want. You'll see how to choose the
best photographic equipment for you and
how to compose images with style.
Exposure topics like aperture, shutter
speed, metering, and ISO settings will all
make sense as they are broken down into
simple concepts. Other areas covered
include artificial lighting, freezing or blur-
ring motion, portraiture, children's photog-
raphy, pet photography, photojournalism,
and digital editing options.
Technical Writing
The Technical Writing Online Training
Program is designed for anyone who wishes
to develop their technical writing abilities
to a professional level. You will learn
research methods, audience considera-
tions, styles, drafting and revision tech-
niques, how to work in a collaborative envi-
ronment, and more. This course will also
introduce you to a variety of media and for-
mats. You will learn about standards for
Web sites, e-mails, proposals, memos, and