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Change is hard. We make it easier!

Continuing Education and Outreach, in partnership with Leap Technologies, can make it easier for leaders and organizations to navigate change and realize improvements faster through our suite of Team Engagement Toolkits, each designed to overcome the toughest change management challenges.  We support our toolkits with expert facilitation, coaching and consulting to speed installation, develop self-sufficiency, and ensure maximum ROI.

Team Engagenent Toolkits

Leap Technologies simplifies the change process so
organizations can achieve better and faster results
 on their most important initiatives.
Rapid Action,Ideas to Action in 60 days!

The 60-day process for better team results!

Rapid Action is the most reliable and proven method available for engaging employees in rapid, team-based continuous improvement. It's an essential addition to any organization's toolbox for managing change, executing improvements and encouraging innovation.

  • Proven track record for producing superior results from improvement teams. Thousands of practical applications
  • "All in One" Toolkit. Everything needed to plan, launch, and complete improvement projects.
  • 60-Day Road map to Results. Teams deliver measurable results in 60 days or faster – with minimal training and time off-the-clock!

Change management tops every organization's "do better" list in today's globally competitive, cost-constrained world. Navigating change and realizing improvements is often a struggle because change is hard and improvement methods are often too complex. Leap Team Engagement Toolkits equip teams to make change happen and get better and faster results.

The DNA of Faster Improvement

Programmed into Leap Team engagement Toolkits are a set of proven principles for speeding improvement along with an innovative, learn-as-you-improve design that converts ideas into action with no wasted time or effort.

The turnkey solution for faster improvement through better employee engagement.
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  • Ready to deploy and easily integrated
  • Scalable to any size initiative
  • Complements other tools and methods
  • Proven across industries
  • Results in weeks, not months or years
  • Rapid ROI and improved skills


Why Rapid Action?

It's the best way to enhance front-line employee engagement in change and improvement efforts.

There's no escaping it: When employee buy-in is low and commitment to action is limited, change management initiatives and improvement projects usually fail. Employees "standing on the sidelines" quickly turn into resistors, rather than champions of change. Encouraging more people to contribute ideas and give effort beyond what's required is often the missing element in change and improvement projects.

That's why Rapid Action is an essential addition to any organization's toolbox for managing change, executing improvements and encouraging innovation. It closes the Team Engagement Gap™ at the front-lines of organizations where employee engagement is critical to achieving and sustaining improvement.

Rapid Action adds value beyond conventional quality improvement and change management methods with:

  • Just-as-needed, flexible delivery: Rapid Action Teams can be launched individually or in waves, with minimal preparation and staging required.
  • Minimal disruption, maximum return on time: Rapid Action pairs weekly team meetings with individual assignments to efficiently convert ideas into action, without the burden of endless, motivation-sapping meetings. Employees work on their team assignment while concurrently performing their daily duties.
  • Employee excitement, confidence, and commitment to action: Rapid Action employs Leap's experience-tested Idea-to-Action Process™ to engage employees in brainstorming improvement ideas right out of the gate, while creating enthusiasm and a willingness to attack the more difficult task of putting ideas into action.
  • Seamless integration: Rapid Action enhances and improves the output of other change management and continuous improvement methods such as the Balanced Scorecard, Lean Six Sigma, and others.
  • Measurable results and tangible long-term cultural benefits: Rapid Action has an unparalleled track record for producing both top and bottom-line results, while making a significant contribution to workplace quality, talent retention, and continuous improvement.

Ready to Make Change Easier to Achieve Faster Results?

Team Engagement Toolkits have been successfully deployed across industries and organization sizes, including government and healthcare. Learn more about the options for getting started. Contact us today to schedule a conversation with our Rapid Action expert to discuss your specific need and application.

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