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Conversational Chinese

This course focuses on basic Chinese vocabulary and simple daily life conversations. Students build their Chinese language skills via interesting class activities. Chinese culture is explored in the classroom using Chinese character writing, calligraphy, food and mannerisms. It is a fun and rich learning experience for all adults.
Course fee:  $99

Textbook:  conversational Chinese 301 (ISBN: 978-7-5619-1403-8) by Kang Yuhua & Lai Siping, Beijing Language and culture University Press. Textbooks for each class is an additional cost of approximately $20.


Online courses offer you the opportunity to learn at your own pace.  Choose your language and get started today! Courses are taught in partnership with Ed2Go.

French, Conversational: Learn common words and phrases for leisure and business. Pronunciation made simple, with phonetic spellings for every word and phrase you need to learn. For information and demonstration visit our partner website at ed2go.

Speed Spanish: This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish pronto. You'll learn six easy recipes for gluing Spanish words together to form sentences. In no time at all, you'll be able to go into any Spanish speaking situation and converse in Spanish. For information and demonstration visit our partner website at ed2go.

Spanish for Law Enforcement: Learn Spanish terminology you can use during arrests, traffic stops, medical emergencies, and many other common law enforcement situations. This course will focus specifically on Spanish for law enforcement personnel, skipping the “touristy” phrases you don’t need to know. And to make your learning easy and painless, the course is sprinkled with fun games and stories. For information and demonstration visit our partner website at ed2go.

Spanish for Medical Professionals: Are you frustrated by the communication gap that can occur between you and your Spanish-speaking patients? If you answered yes, this Spanish class - designed specifically for healthcare professionals - will help you bridge that gap. You will practice the basic, practical language skills needed to effectively communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients and their families. You will learn the basics of the language, gain an understanding of the culture, and know how to ask the questions crucial to quality healthcare. Whether you speak some Spanish and need a refresher, or speak no Spanish, you will complete the course with the skills you will need to effectively communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients. This online course is offered throughout the year. For dates, cost and registration, click here.

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