Dothan Campus Office of University Events

Dothan Policy for Special Events


TROY University - Dothan Campus endeavors to support its community and constituents by assisting with external events that are deemed to be a segment of the following mission related activities:

To provide facilities and assistance for events sponsored by regional businesses, industries, government, educational and community groups, and organizations. To provide facilities for use in promoting enrichment or education for regional Pre-K – 12 students or other college groups. To provide facilities and assistance with cultural events. To provide a safe, orderly, fair, and reasonable use of University resources to support these activities. To coordinate all activities and uses of facilities on the Dothan campus.

Request for Use/Rental Online

Areas Available for Rental

Malone Kitchen
Computer Labs
And other areas as developed or otherwise under the control or authority of the University

The “Quad” Courtyard (area between the buildings)

The “Quad” CourtyardThe “Quad” Courtyard The “Quad” Courtyard The “Quad” Courtyard



Thomas Harrison Room

Thomas Harrison Room Thomas Harrison RoomThomas Harrison Room

Archivist Conference Room

Archivist Conference Room


Malone Hall Classroom

Michelin Conference Room

Michelin Conference RoomMichelin Conference Room additional seating Michelin Conference Room connection to kitchen Kitchen

Sony Hall

Sony Hall SeatingSony Hall Stage and Seating

Who Can Use?

University organizations and sponsored activities.

Civic or non profit or not for profit organizations whose goals and/or purposes do not advocate, support, or sponsor violence, civil disobedience, or discriminate in its activities. Businesses that wish to hold non-public meetings. Businesses that wish to hold meetings that are for training of employees or vendors.

Who Cannot Use?

Any for profit organization conducting mass sales oriented sessions or sales to attendees. Any civic or non-profit or not-for-profit organization whose goals and/or purposes advocate, support, or sponsor violence, civil disobedience, or discriminatory activities. Troy University, Dothan Campus will not provide facilities for personal parties, ceremonies, or for profit enterprises.

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Please call 334-983-6556 ext. 21334  or email for further questions.

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