603 Position Classification System

603.1 Faculty

Faculty should utilize the Staff Handbook in conjunction with the Faculty Handbook to learn policies and procedures, which apply to all university personnel. Employment guidelines for the faculty are outlined in the Faculty Handbook. The current Faculty Handbook may be accessed on the University website under Human Resources.

603.2 Staff

603.2.1 Professional Employees

Professional employees are compensated commensurate with their professional preparation, experience, and responsibilities; they are paid monthly.

603.2.2 Classified Employees

Classified employees are compensated in accordance with the Troy University Salary Classification Plan; they are paid bi-weekly, at an established hourly rate.

603.2.3 Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, commonly referred to as the "Wage and Hour Law" mandates several timekeeping and overtime requirements. Those who are not subject to the timekeeping and overtime requirements are "exempt" employees and include the faculty and most professional employees. Those who are subject to these provisions of the law are "non-exempt" employees and include all classified employees. Non-exempt employees are required to keep a record of all hours worked. Non-exempt employees receive overtime compensation for all hours worked in excess of forty hours per week.

603.2.4 Salary Classification Plan

All full-time, hourly paid employees are covered by the Troy University Salary Classification Plan. The Troy University Salary Classification Plan contains the following:

603.2.5 Job Descriptions

The campus Office of Human Resources maintains a written job description for each classified position. Each description contains a brief listing of essential duties, responsibilities, and qualifications for each position. The job description may not necessarily cover every task an employee is asked to perform, but will be reasonably comprehensive.

603.2.6 Salary Schedule (Full-Time Classified Employees)

The University has a salary schedule for classified employees. Each classified position is included in a specific range in this salary schedule. Each salary range has steps with pay increases between each step. New employees will be placed in Step 1 of the appropriate salary range upon employment unless waived by approval of the Chancellor. Advancement from one step to the next for classified employees will be by merit, based upon an annual evaluation. Classified employees are eligible for consideration for a step raise in accordance with the salary schedule. A step raise for a classified employee must be recommended by the immediate supervisor in the annual evaluation report. A new full-time classified employee who completes the initial six-­month appraisal period is eligible for an increase from Step 1 to Step 2, provided the employee is recommended for this increase by the immediate supervisor's six-month initial appraisal evaluation, and the employee earns regular status. A new full-time employee who is initially hired above step 1, shall not be eligible for a step increase for a period of one year. Subsequently, normal anniversary dates apply.

603.2.7 Personnel Not Covered by Salary Classification Plan

Employees who are not covered by the Salary Classification Plan are not eligible for step increases; any salary adjustment or merit increase for these employees should be recommended by the immediate supervisor, Vice Chancellor, or by the Chancellor, in accordance with established procedures.