604 Compensation

604.1 Salary

It is the University desire to maintain reasonable standards of compensation for employees. University funding is supplemented by State of Alabama appropriations. Therefore, compensation levels and personnel policies must relate directly to the financial resources of the University. The University does not give automatic salary increases.

Classified employees - All classified employees are covered by a salary schedule. This schedule is available in the Office of Human Resources. Each employee is evaluated on an annual basis. If the supervisor concludes that an employee warrants a merit increase, a recommendation for a step raise will be made to the appropriate authority. Step increases are not automatic. They are subject to the financial resources of the University.

Professional employees - Employees in this group are not covered by the position classification plan. Each employee is evaluated on an annual basis.

604.2 Pay Procedures

604.2.1 Pay Period

The official workweek for employees begins at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday and ends at 12:00 midnight on Saturday. Payroll checks for classified staff will be issued bi-weekly and are normally available on the appropriate Friday. Paychecks will reflect hours recorded on the employee's time card. Payroll checks for professional staff and faculty will normally be released to employees on the last working day of the month.

604.2.2 Payroll Policies

An employee's payroll check will not be released to another person without signed permission. If a payroll check is lost or stolen, prompt notification must be furnished in writing to the Office of Human Resources. Paychecks may not be issued in advance of regularly scheduled pay dates.

604.2.3 Error

If an error is thought to have been made in computing wages, the employee should inform the Office of Human Resources.

604.2.4 Direct Deposit

All employees must participate in the University's Direct Deposit Program. Employees will receive their regular pay through their choice. A completed Direct Deposit Authorization form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources no later than one week prior to an employee’s pay date to ensure timely payment. Forms are available in the Office of Human Resources or at the following web address https://trojan.troy.edu/hr/forms/DirectDeposit.pdf.

604.3 Anniversary Date

All full-time classified employees (after completion of a six-month initial appraisal period) are assigned an anniversary date of August 1. This anniversary date is used to determine eligibility for a one-step pay increase in the particular salary range assigned to the employee upon satisfactory evaluation by the supervisor and upon the availability of funds. A one-step increase is not automatic with each anniversary date. In cases of reclassification, an employee will be placed in the first step of a higher salary range.

604.4 Payroll Forms and Deductions

A list of eligible payroll deductions along with information concerning these deductions may be found on the University website or for a printed list of payroll deductions, check with the Office of Human Resources.

Employees must have signed W-4 and A-4(or appropriate state form) on file in the University Payroll Office for verifying the number of federal and state income tax deductions. It is each employee's responsibility to review the W-4 and A-4 forms to insure that the correct number of exemptions will be claimed. Changes made in the withholding status of employees must be completed no later than the 15th day of each month. The W-4 and A-4 forms must use the exact name as it appears on the employee's Social Security card.

604.11 Eligibility for Across-the-Board Raises

Once a candidate for employment is hired, the candidate is eligible for any across-the-board salary increase provided the candidate was hired and began work in a regular, non-temporary faculty or staff position prior to June 1st of the year in which the candidate was hired. All candidates hired on or after June 1st are not eligible for any across-the-board salary increase provided other Troy University regular, non-temporary faculty and staff members unless otherwise negotiated during the hiring process. This policy, effective January 1, 2007, supersedes all previous policies related to eligibility for across-the-board increases for all Troy University locations. The provisions included in this policy, as well as the policy itself, may be modified or deleted at any time at the sole discretion of Troy University.

Approved: Cabinet, Nov 29, 2006
OPR: Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Affairs
Review: Every Five Years

604.12 Across-the-Board Raises for Part-Time Personnel

Part-time personnel employed by Troy University shall be divided into two categories: regular part-time and temporary part-time. Regular part-time shall be defined as those part-time employees who routinely work on a continuous basis or otherwise offer vital services and/or skills on which the University is dependent. Temporary part-time shall be defined as part-time employees who are intermittently employed for specific functions or events. Effective January 1, 2007, the Senior Director of Human Resources shall initiate a review of current part-time personnel and through coordination with various unit managers shall place all part-time personnel in one of the two categories. Future part-time hires shall be classified on the Personnel Action Form as either Regular or Temporary. Regular part-time personnel shall be eligible for across-the-board raises that are granted to full-time employees. Pay increases for temporary part-time employees shall be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Approved: Cabinet, Nov 29, 2006
OPR: Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Affairs
Review: Every Five Years