605 Working Hours

605.1 General

The University serves a diverse student body and public, thus giving rise to variations in the work schedules. Working hours must be scheduled to satisfy the needs of the area in which one works, and to make certain that an adequate staff will be available when needed. Work schedules depend upon the job to be performed. An employee will be informed by the supervisor about the normal schedule and about any subsequent changes which may be required.

The University reserves the right to implement alternative schedules as necessary for cost reduction and other concerns. In some instances, however, additional work will be required; and during peak periods, professional personnel and perhaps other employees may work more than the normal work hours per week. The normal work schedule is a forty- hour week. Lunch breaks are decided at the discretion of each campus. Where possible, lunch breaks will be staggered so that offices remain open. If it becomes necessary to reduce an employee's normal number of hours of work per week, or responsibility, the University reserves the right to adjust an employee's pay accordingly.

605.2 Timekeeping Requirements

A full-time, non-exempt employee's time submission should reflect that the employee is at work; on sick leave, annual leave, administrative leave, holiday, or other appropriate status to total 80 hours per pay period. (See Section 6.10 for a complete explanation of Leave of Abscense without Pay.) There are spaces allowed on the Web time card to note the hours the employee worked, leave taken, and hours of overtime worked, if any. The Web submitted cards will be signed by the employee and the supervisor, attesting to the fact that the information reported is correct.

605.3 Time Recording

All non-exempt employees are subject to the following time-recording requirements:

  1. Classified employees must record time daily on a time card.
  2. Full-time classified employees receive work credit for days absent for approved sick and annual leave, jury duty, funeral leave, or for approved administrative leave and holidays.
  3. Falsification of records by the employee is cause for immediate dismissal. An employee may not record time worked for another employee. Such action could lead to the discipline of both employees. If recorded time must be corrected for any reason, the supervisor must be contacted and advised of the problem before any correction is made.

605.4 Compensation for Overtime Pay

All employees of the University, other than those specifically exempted, are employed subject to the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This act is primarily concerned with the payment of minimum wages and premium pay for overtime. Employees will be advised of their FLSA status during employment orientation. Because of the range of activities conducted or sponsored by the University, variations in work schedules may be necessary. Such variations may require overtime (in excess of forty hours per week) to be worked or an adjustment in the normal working schedule to maintain the regular forty hours per week. In the event that approved overtime is worked, only hours actually worked per work week count in the overtime calculation. Therefore, holidays not worked, annual leave, sick leave, and other paid leave are not counted. All employees are expected to work a reasonable amount of overtime upon request. If it is necessary for an employee to work outside of the normal schedule, these changes must be approved by the immediate supervisor and be announced to give the employee as much advance notice as possible. In the event that overtime is required, the employee will be paid overtime pay at the rate of one-and-one-half times the normal rate of pay. Overtime work must be approved in advance by the supervisor prior to the overtime work being performed. Overtime provisions do not apply to exempt employees.

605.5 Absences from Work

If an employee expects to be absent from work for ANY REASON, the supervisor must be notified in advance. An employee absent from work without permission is considered to be on unauthorized leave without pay -- a condition which is cause for dismissal. Three consecutive working days of absence without notice constitutes a resignation and forfeiture of all accumulated University benefits.