713 Purchasing Policy (Consolidated from Division of Finance and Business Affairs: July 2, 2008)

713.1 Purchasing Department Responsibilities

The Troy University Purchasing Department is responsible for the development of policies and procedures designed to create an efficient and effective decentralized procurement environment for the Troy University System. The Purchasing Department is the final review and approval for all purchases with University funds.

713.2 Authorization to Enter Into Contracts

University employees may not enter into purchase contracts or otherwise obligate the University for expenditures unless authorized to do by the Director of Purchasing or in accordance with the Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual (September 1998, as amended). Such negotiations are unauthorized and any resulting expenditures will be classified as nonreimbursable personal expense. Troy University will assume no liability for payment of purchases which were not made through approved purchasing procedures. Laws regarding the use of public funds are very specific, so it important that University procedures be carefully followed.

713.3 Prudent and Beneficial

Every expenditure must be prudent and directly benefit Troy University. Documentation to this effect must be maintained by University personnel. Only purchases for business purposes are allowed. Purchasing items for personal gain and/or the purchase of items expressly prohibited by the State (i.e., alcoholic beverages, gifts, etc.) are not allowed.

713.4 State and University Restrictions

Restrictions imposed by a grantor or contractor may be more stringent than those imposed by the State and the University. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to make sure that all purchases are made in accordance with State and University restrictions, as well as meeting all conditions imposed by the granting or contracting agency.

713.5 All Purchases are Subject to Approval

All purchases for goods and services are subject approvals based upon the Troy University Contractual, Financial, and Personnel Authority levels policy, approved by the Chancellor, effective January 27, 2004, as amended.

713.6 Prepayment Not Allowed

Prepayment for the purchase of goods and services is not allowed.

713.7 Written Permission Needed

Employees should not expend personal funds and request reimbursement for goods and services on behalf of the University without written permission from the Director of Purchasing. The University is tax exempt and tax on such purchases will not be reimbursed.