Troy University Etiquette

Troy University is committed to preparing students to be successful in their chosen fields following graduation. In addition to providing students with the academic and practical knowledge necessary for success, TROY also is dedicated to preparing students to operate successfully in many different settings.

In the early 1990s, Troy University’s Honors Leadership class requested an etiquette lesson to better prepare students for business luncheons and events. Etiquette is defined as the forms, manners and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required in social relations, in a profession or in official life. Displaying knowledge of proper etiquette helps make a wonderful first impression, both in business and personal settings, and prepares students to interact confidently in all business and social settings. Seeing the importance of this need for TROY students, the University’s First Lady, Mrs. Janice Hawkins, began offering etiquette lessons, which grew into a regularly scheduled etiquette luncheon. She has since begun offering versions of those lessons to other campus groups and classes.

This website was created as a reference for TROY students and grew out of the questions frequently asked by students during etiquette luncheons and presentations, covering topics such as dining, business and internet etiquette. We hope you will find it useful in answering some common etiquette questions.

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