What participants have to say about the etiquette luncheon presented by Mrs. Janice Hawkins, Troy University’s First Lady:

Mrs. Hawkins, Thank you for conducting the etiquette luncheon. I really enjoyed learning the basic set-up of a place setting and how to place your napkins and utensils when you are done eating.

Katherine Carnley

Mrs. Hawkins, It was a pleasure seeing you at the etiquette luncheon. This event is a testament to the caring nature you display toward our students. It is rare to see a First Lady of any institution take the time to teach students the lost art of etiquette. I know TROY students will benefit from the experience for the rest of their lives. I certainly learned a few things.

Alicia Bookout
Former Chancellor’s Fellow

Mrs. Hawkins, I absolutely loved the etiquette luncheon! Not only was the meal delicious, but the event was very informative. Aside from everything learned, what I admired the most was your willingness to be there and the enthusiasm you displayed. It’s something that I believe could only happen at TROY, where the chancellor’s wife, herself, takes time to educate and address students by name.

Thank you,
Sean Flannery

Mrs. Hawkins, Thank you so much for hosting us at your etiquette luncheon. I learned so many practical things for everyday life. I am so thankful for everything you do for Troy University. TROY is a better place because of all of the wonderful things you have done.

Anna Payne

Mrs. Hawkins, I would like to thank you for the perfectly delightful experience that we had with the discussion you presented on etiquette. I was slightly out of my element with the depth of knowledge presented. One of the things I appreciated the most was that my discomfort rapidly evanesced because you managed to convey the information in such a way that there was no bias imparted and human dignity was the standard of participation.

I would also like to say that being asked to submit two questions prior to the discussion served as an impetus for me to think sincerely about the topic of etiquette. The foundation of etiquette provides a framework of trust that may allow opportunity instead of defensiveness in such situations based on the observed, intentional conveyance of grace.

Jeff Waller
2016 Chancellor’s Fellow

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