Consortium Agreement/Policies and Procedures

  1. You are enrolled in a degree program at Troy University and you wish to take credits at another institution and receive aid though Troy University.
      • Troy University only provides funding for students taking the minimum number of eligible credits at Troy University.
      • We have 60 sites and locations (including Distance Learning and four Alabama campuses) across the world. Courses required for graduation are offered at all locations.

  2. You are enrolled in a degree program at another institution and wish to take credits at Troy University to be transferred to your home institution.
      • As long as you are a transient student (not a degree seeking student) at Troy University, we are unable to award you aid. Any statement signed by us will be modified to indicate you can be awarded if you change admission status and are otherwise eligible.
      • Your home institution will often request that we sign a document agreeing not to award you financial aid. We are unable to block you from receiving aid if you change from a transient status to a degree seeking student.
      • Your school will be able to monitor any awards we make to you on NSLDS.
      • Take the Consortium Agreement to a Troy University Registrar to certify the courses you are attending.
      • Print this page and attach to your Consortium Agreement.
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