New Financial Aid Applicants

New Awards

Our automatic packaging system creates a "package" or set of awards to be offered to you in a Financial Aid Award Notification Letter:

All students are awarded initially for an academic year – either on Semesters for Fall/Spring or on T-Terms for T1-T4. You must sign and return the original (white copy) Notification of Financial Aid Award and a clear copy of your photo ID to the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner for proper processing of your award. If not attending for Fall Semester or T-Term 1, you should indicate the Semester or T-Term you will attend on the bottom of the signed award letter. If we award you prior to May for the approaching Fall, we will check Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) after grades are issued; if you do not meet SAP, we will cancel your award pending your appeal.

Your award is divided into either two or four disbursements based upon your home location; Troy is Semester based (two disbursements) while TROY Service Centers, Phenix City, TROY Online, Montgomery, Dothan, and unknown locations are T-Term based (four disbursements). You can check your awarded disbursement pattern on your Trojan Web Express Award Status by year or by calling the Call Center (800) 414-5756. Once you accept your award for the year, you may not change the disbursement pattern until the next academic year. Federal law regarding equal disbursements requires your disbursements either be for Semesters (2) or for T-Terms (4). There is rarely a good solution if you mix Semesters and T-Terms (see FAQ on the FA website).

All new and continuing federal loan borrowers must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the Federal Direct Student Loan Program. Your loan is not guaranteed until the MPN is completed. This sequence must be followed: return the award letter, Troy University certifies the loan, and then you complete the MPN and Entrance Counseling. To complete an MPN and Entrance Counseling, please login at and complete the steps.

Student loan funds can only be disbursed for the period of the loan request. If you cease to be enrolled, drop below half-time, or graduate, all loan funds for future disbursements will be cancelled. Financial Aid is credited to your student account after the last day of free drop/add (approximately one week after classes have begun).

Students are automatically assumed to be enrolled full-time (12 credits per semester or 6 credits per term for undergraduates and 8 credits per semester or 6 credits per term for graduates) and enrolling for both fall and spring terms.

Students are awarded the maximum loan for the academic year Fall/Spring or T1/T4; if you plan to attend summer you must save from these funds.

Aid is disbursed to your account based on your enrollment on the first day after the end of free drop/add. If you added courses after that point, have your site advisor notify the financial aid office.

If you did not/will not attend Fall or T1, your award will be cancelled when we determine you are not enrolled. You will need to complete Partial Year Loan Request Form after you have been awarded, to reinstate aid cancelled for non-enrollment, to inform us of a grade level change, or to let us know that you are changing from an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate to a graduate program. There is rarely a good solution if you mix Terms and Semesters (see FAQ on the FA web site). Send this request form to Troy University Troy, Montgomery, or Dothan for processing. Not all requests can be accommodated. We will check Satisfactory Progress again prior to reactivation of your awards.

Students who have remaining eligibility may request to use that eligibility in Summer/Term 5 by completing a Summer Financial Aid Request Form for the appropriate year which will become available in late March or early April. Summer is the last award period in the academic year. For example, Summer 2017 would require a 2016-2017 FAFSA. Available funds for Summer/Term 5 is limited to unused Pell Grants and unused Student loan eligibility and work study for students who currently are working (if funds are available). Students who applied and enrolled for Fall/Term 1 were awarded maximum eligibility at that time for either 2 Semesters or 4 Terms. Students awarded for Fall/Term 1-2 through Spring/Term 3-4 are expected to budget funds from their maximum award if they plan to attend Summer/Term 5. If you do have some remaining eligibility, complete this request when it becomes available (usually March). Students who enrolled after Fall/Term 1 may have additional eligibility and should complete this request when it is available.

Students are automatically considered for all aid programs (including loans) for which they are eligible regardless of what the student put on the FAFSA; the student can accept or reject that aid on the award letter.

All programs require that the student be in good academic standing and making "satisfactory progress " toward a degree.

Awards from agencies or persons other than Troy University are also included in the package because students offered Federal Financial Aid may not receive more aid than their cost of attendance regardless of the source.

Unaccepted Stafford Loan amounts remain in the award package but since no acceptance has been made, no loan funds are requested.

If you decide not to attend Fall/T1 but plan to attend later in the year, indicate this on the award letter and/or complete a Partial Year Loan Form for the appropriate year.

If you drop to less than half-time you must complete the Exit Interview Form (For any disbursed student loans repayment begins six months after you are no longer a half-time student).

Adjustments to Awards

Awards are made based on Full-time status - if you enroll for less than full time your award will be adjusted automatically - you will receive no notification. The Financial Aid Office is continuously adjusting awards - see Adjustments to Your Financial Aid Award.

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