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Welcome to Troy University. Our TROY academic courses and program aim to assist students in developing an appreciation for and understanding of higher education, learning about the Troy University system worldwide, becoming familiar with the resources of the University, acquiring real world skills for succeeding in college and in a career, engaging in campus activities, and persisting from their first year to graduation. Ultimately, the overarching goal for the Center for Academic Success is to enhance student retention and increase graduation rates. Stop by and see us today!

Academic Courses

TROY 1101 – University Orientation
A study of the university's resources, services, policies and procedures, as well strategies for succeeding in college. Topics covered include the university's purpose and objectives, academic regulations, policies and procedures, services, organizations, library, learning centers, and computer labs. Other topics include managing time and money and becoming more responsible.

TROY 1102 – Major Exploration & Planning
A group approach to career exploration and planning designed to incorporate students' abilities, values, interests and decision-making skills into formulating projected career/life plans. The course is structured primarily for the needs of freshman and sophomore students.

TROY 1103 – College Success Strategies
The purpose of this course is to educate and equip Troy University students with information, skills and experiences necessary for current and long-term success, both in college and in life.

Academic Programs

Associate Degree Programs:

  • Associate of Science in Nursing
  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Associate of Science in General Education
  • Associate of Arts in General Education

Minor in Civic Engagement
This interdisciplinary minor is designed to build capacity in personal and organizational action through policy, advocacy, and multiple forms of public service. Students in the minor build real world skills and knowledge for effective and ethical public service through study and applied practice. The minor is designed to complement a variety of majors and interest areas.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major
The interdisciplinary studies program lets you build your degree program based on your individual career goals and skill set. Within this program, you’ll complete your general studies courses and select three academic minors that will hone your skills across a broad spectrum of topics and specializations. TROY’s interdisciplinary studies degree removes the worry when transferring. Through building your own program of study, you can choose academic minors that could allow you to put your previously earned credits to use toward earning your degree.

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