Freshman Forum Members

Freshman Forum Motto:

As Representatives of Troy University’s Freshman Class, We Commit to Excellence in Leadership through Service, Enthusiasm, and Trojan Pride!”

What is Freshman Forum?

Freshman Forum is the freshman branch of the Student Government Association. We are here to help the freshman leaders get connected around the TROY campus, in the community, and begin making lifelong friendships. Freshman Forum is made up of approximately 50 freshman and 2 directors. The members of Freshman Forum had to go through an application and interview process. Once the new members are chosen, they will go on a retreat to learn parliamentary procedure, leadership skills, and team work. It also provides the chance for you to get to know you colleagues.

Just like any other organization, Freshman Forum is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other non-executive officers. The directors are there to help the executive officers and members get everything done on the agenda and act as mentors to the freshmen.

Freshman Forum Committees

Each committee has its’ own responsibilities, but they come together to achieve the overall goals that Freshman Forum sets. Some of the annual events sponsored by Freshman Forum are: Retreats, “Excellence in Leadership” High School Conference, Higher Education Day, International Thanksgiving Dinner, Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Ceremony, and more. We encourage that the new members bring ideas that would promote Trojan pride!

During the fall and spring semesters the new members will be placed into different committees:

  • Campus Involvement & Events Committee
    • Connects the freshman class to campus through special events.

  • Community Service Committee
    • Plans all service projects and upkeep of the Backpack for Kids Program.

  • Publicity Committee
    • In charge of all advertising: flyer, banners, sidewalk chalk. Also creates an annual scrapbook for Freshman Forum.

  • Student Welfare Committee
    • Ambassadors to the Freshman class to handle concerns and issues regarding the entire Freshman delegation. Will assist with the creation of Legislation.

  • Trojan Pride & Traditions Committee
    • Promotes pride and traditions through campus and athletic events.
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