Estate and Charitable Gift Seminar


This Seminar explains dramatic new planning opportunities provided by the updated law and explains strategies that you can use to protect your wealth for the people you love and for your charitable interests. For many people, the income tax is the new estate tax. A review of your estate plan is needed to be certain that it saves as much income tax as possible for your children, grandchildren, and other beneficiaries.

Regardless of whether or not your estate is large enough to be subject to estate tax, design your estate plan so that you eliminate as much income tax as possible for your beneficiaries.

This Seminar also explains new strategies that you will want to consider to provide in the best possible way for your charitable interests.  If you have already included your charitable interests in your estate plan, you will want to consider new possibilities that will improve your charitable bequests for your charitable interests.

Join us on February 27 for this important presentation.

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