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TROY Greek Community • 19
• June 16 – July 15 - Selective Summer Recruitment
• June 16 - Registration for Formal Fall Recruitment
• August 13 - 15 - Formal Fall Recruitment
• August 13 - Mandatory interest meeting at 5:30 pm
on the 4th floor of the Stadium Tower. This is also
the deadline for Fall Recruitment Registration.
• August 14 - 18 - Bid Acceptance Dates
IFC Recruitment
Informal Selective Summer Recruitment is Monday, June 16 – Tuesday, July 15.These dates correspond
with the beginning and end of IMPACT. (In order to participate in Summer Recruitment, men must attend
an IFC recruitment session during IMPACT.)
Registration for Formal Fall Recruitment will begin on June 16. Formal Fall Recruitment will be Wednesday,
August 13 – Friday, August 15. Have your personal information such as email address, phone number,
hobbies, and a photo ready for submission before beginning the registration process.
The fee is $25 to go through IFC recruitment, whether that is Selective Summer Recruitment or Formal
Fall Recruitment.The fee for Selective Summer Recruitment will be paid in the Office of Student
Involvement and Leadership once the University Buckley Form is signed. Formal Fall Recruitment can be
paid through the online registration or you can pay your fee in the Office of Student Involvement and
Leadership,Trojan Center 215.
For more information about IFC recruitment & registration:
The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Troy University is the governing body for the eight male fraternities on campus.
The IFC consists of four executive officers that serve as the executive council and one delegate member from each
fraternity that have full voting rights.The IFC is responsible for ensuring communication among the fraternities, as well
as coordinating specific events: Fall and Spring Recruitment,New Member Education & many more.
Recruitment or “Rush” is the process of recruiting new members into the Interfraternity Council (IFC). Recruitment is
held at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters and Informal Selective Summer Recruitment throughout the summer.