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TROY Greek Community • 1
Why Join?
Fraternities and sororities provide a home away from home, and encourage unique and
lasting friendships. Joining a fraternity or sorority exposes students to a large network of
collegiate members and alumni that can help undergraduates transition successfully into
college life and help them find internships and job opportunities. Studies show that Greek
students are more likely to return to school after their first year in college than their
non-Greek peers, indicating that Greek membership enhances a collegiate experience and
contributes to a positive transition to college life.
As value-based organizations, fraternities and sororities work hard to exhibit their values
in action by contributing to valuable causes in the community. Individual chapters host
various fund-raising events and contribute their time to benefit community agencies. As
a whole, fraternities and sororities take advantage of the opportunity to give back and
pursue this goal in a variety of ways.
Academic achievement is another goal for Greek organizations. Fraternities and sororities
pursue intellectual engagement while also developing ongoing programs and initiatives
designed to help students be academically successful throughout their college career. The
value of intellectual curiosity does not end when one earns a diploma; it is held throughout
a lifetime, helping fraternity and sorority members meet life’s broader demands well into
Greek members are some of the most involved students on campus, and joining a Greek
organization can open many doors to new experiences. Fraternity and sorority members
are often the most visible participants in campus-wide events, such as Homecoming.
Members enjoy a host of opportunities to engage in the life of the University.
Fraternities and sororities at TROY encourage members to get involved in their respective
chapters, the Greek community, and in campus organizations. Fraternity and sorority
members have access to a number of involvement opportunities that can increase students’
achievement in academics and enhance leadership, communication,
and management skills.