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TROY Greek Community • 29
Here at Troy University, there are many guidelines and protocols to
ensure the safety of our Greeks.
• Risk management guidelines are reviewed by each chapter every
semester.The guidelines are assessed by the University and by the
national organizations. Councils review the chapters’ risk management
policies and ensure the organizations are following protocol.
• Our sorority and fraternity houses are located close together
and the buddy system is encouraged to maintain safety. University
police frequently ride by fraternity and sorority houses to make
sure they are safe and secure.All doors at our sorority houses lock
automatically and you must have a key fob to enter.The sorority
houses are located less than a mile from the city of Troy Police
department providing an opportunity for the city police to frequently
check on their houses.
• One organization that ensures the safety of our students is
G.A.M.M.A. which stands for Greeks Advocating Mature Management
of Alcohol. Many students join G.A.M.M.A. in an effort to promote
alcohol safety and G.A.M.M.A. holds programs to educate students on
alcohol management.
• Sororities and fraternities hold alcohol and safety education sessions
before major social events and buses are used to transport to social
events, such as formals and date parties.All Greek social events are
chaperoned by advisors and have security present. Designated driver
programs are also instated for social events. During closed parties, the
organizations must provide a guest list to the Student Involvement
office of who attended the party. Fraternities and sororities are
encouraged to follow national guidelines as they may relate to risk
management issues and social functions.
Hazing is defined by Section 16-1-23, Code of Alabama (1975), and
by such section as may be amended from time to time.Additionally
for the purpose of these standards, hazing is any action taken
or situation created, whether on or off organizational premises,
to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment,
harassment or ridicule to any person, whether or not such person
has consented to participation in the activity. Such activities and
situations include but are not limited to paddling in any form,
scavenger hunts, road trips, excessive fatigue, deprivation of normal
sleep, engaging in public stunts, morally degrading or humiliating
activities, blind-folding, branding, calisthenics, running, forced
consumption of food, alcohol, drugs, or any other substances and
any other activities which are not consistent with fraternal law,
ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of Troy University.
No organizations shall allow any of its pledges/associates,
members, or persons to participate in any hazing ceremony,
activity or practice. Hazing in any form is absolutely prohibited at
Troy University. For enforcement purposes, this policy applies to
both individuals and organizations.Any instance of Hazing at Troy
University may be reported (all parties will remain anonymous
pending on investigation) by contacting the Office of Student
Involvement at 670-3049 or 670-3204.