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2 • TROY Greek Community
Developing leaders today for life after college is an important pillar of Greek
involvement. Fraternity and sorority members participate in a variety of programs
that provide leadership development. There are many ways to be a leader in Troy
University’s Greek community, including chapter or council officer positions, national
or regional leadership conferences, campus-based leadership opportunities, and
committee involvement. Sororities and Fraternities encourage their members to
be involved in campus life to its fullest.The majority of Greek members are involved
outside of their Greek organization as well. They participate in many other campus
organizations as well as serving as officers in those organizations.
Four Pillars
of Greek Life
Academic excellence is a pillar of Greek life that is actively
strived for by members. The Greek community at Troy
University places an emphasis on scholarship by implementing
programs that help members maintain high GPAs. At TROY,
the overall Greek GPA is traditionally higher than the overall
GPA of non-Greek students. To achieve these standards
and encourage scholastic success, each chapter has regular
study programs. Being held accountable and encouraged
by their Greek organization helps many individuals strive to
achieve their academic goals. Greek chapters and councils
recognize their members who have superior scholarship each
year through their scholarship program. While Greeks do
not hold any magical keys to scholastic success, studies have
shown that members of Greek organizations are more likely
to obtain a degree than non-Greek students.