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28 • TROY Greek Community
Financial Information
• Paying the new member fee, house fee (if charged), initiation fee and
purchasing your pin.These fees are paid only once.The new member
fee is paid at the time of pledging.The initiation fee and pin are paid
for at the time of initiation which is generally fall semester. Housing
fees are paid at different times, depending on the organization.
• Paying monthly dues on time.
• Paying for optional services such as t-shirts and party pictures.
• Discussing fully with parents or guardians your financial situation &
arriving at a mutual understanding of financial requirements.
We know that parents and their students have serious discussions
about whether they will be able to afford a sorority/fraternity. Just as
you need to be informed regarding the cost associated with a college
education, you need to understand the financial obligation associated with
sorority/fraternity membership.
Each person joining a sorority/fraternity should be aware of the dues,
fees and other expenses that are involved and should consider these
when making financial plans to attend college. During recruitment events,
a potential member should ask members about financial obligations
and payment options. Each organization sets its own fees and payment
As with other organizations, there are financial
obligations to
be met when you join. Some responsibilities may include
Where exactly is my money going?
It varies from chapter to chapter, however the most common places
money goes:
• National fees and obligations
• Membership recruitment
• Service projects
• Sisterhood/Brotherhood activities
• Special events
Additional cost thought out the semester will go to pictures, gifts, social events, T-shirts, etc.
Semester Bill: $450
Pledge Bill: $125
Initiation Fee: $125
New Member Fee: $75
Monthly Dues: $100
Badge Fee: $150
Initiation Fee: $200
Initiation/intake fee: Rates between each organization varies
differently because of the national dues. Expect when you go
through membership intake paying from a minimum of $700
to a maximum of $2,000. Semester dues: $75
TROY Averages