Greek Terminology

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ALUMNA – A sorority member who no longer attends college, but remains active in her sorority through involvement in alumnae groups across the nation.

BID – A formal invitation to a potential member issued by a sorority through the Panhellenic Council inviting a woman to join the sorority.

CHAPTER – A local group of the larger national sorority.

FRATERNITY – The name that applies to all Greek letter organizations that are characterized by a ritual, a pin and a strong tie of friendship. The term “fraternity” is also applied to a sorority.

greek terms

GREEK WEEK – A series of special events sponsored by the Greek community to promote community service and Greek unity.

INITIATION – The formal ceremony during which a new member takes her final vows for full membership in her sorority.

LEGACY – A woman whose grandmother, mother or sister is an alumna or active member of a certain sorority.

MEMBER – A sorority woman who has completed her new member period and has been formally initiated into her chapter.

OPEN BID – An invitation to membership extended by a sorority after the completion of membership recruitment which may be extended and accepted without preferential or involved procedures.

PANHELLENIC – A governing body of the national sororities on campus.

PHILANTHROPY – A service project undertaken by sorority chapters on the campus, community or national level.

NEW MEMBER – A woman who has accepted an invitation to membership in a sorority and who is working toward full membership but has not yet been initiated.

PI CHI – An active member of a sorority who assists in membership recruitment and counsels potential members who have problems or questions concerning membership recruitment.

POTENTIAL MEMBER – A Greek name for YOU. Any woman in good standing at the college who participates in membership recruitment.

BID DAY – The day that potential members receive a bid.

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