by Bethany Wilson

Out of breath and running as fast as I possibly could to sorority hill, I barely knew which house was the Kappa Delta house, but I knew it was where I wanted to be. Carrying my green and white bid day card, I couldn’t believe they wanted ME to be a Kappa Delta and join their amazing sisterhood. As I approached the house, I began scanning the signs for my name to see which sister would be welcoming me with open arms. I was so excited to see one of the girls I talked to during rush jumping up and down, just as excited that I wanted to be a Kappa Delta too! I barely knew her, but I ran up and gave her the biggest hug, with tears running down our faces. I knew then that I was about to embark on one of the most exciting experiences of my life!

Bid day was definitely one of the most exciting days. As soon as we had all reached the Kappa Delta house, we gathered around and started taking pictures. I was so excited to meet all of the girls that were sure to become my lifelong friends! After taking pictures, we went inside to go over basic information and to get to know the sisters a little better. Not only was I so excited, but my parents were also so impressed with everyone and knew it would be the perfect fit for me!

While bid day was such an exciting experience, it was not the only one that confirmed to me that I was in the right place. New member meetings started the week after bid day. Each week we would have a meeting with our pledge class, new member educator, and set leaders, where we learned everything we needed to know about Kappa Delta. I was so excited to meet with everyone each week and learn about what makes our sisterhood so strong and unique.

A couple weeks after bid day, we had our pledge retreat. We all gathered at the house to enjoy a weekend together, where we got to know each other better, learned even more about Kappa Delta, and just had a great time with our pledge class. Our pledge retreat was a time I will never forget, for it was then that I gained the strongest relationship with my pledge class. I always say that you are the closest with your pledge class during your new member program, because you’re spending so much time together and are all so excited about everything Kappa Delta has to offer.

A few more weeks went by, and before we knew it, it was big/little night! This was the night we had all been waiting for! After weeks of having different “temporary bigs,” and clues that threw us in all different directions, it was finally time for us to figure out who our big would be! My heart had never beat as fast as it did when I was running across sorority hill, with a letter K in my hand, trying to find my big, who would be waiting for me with a matching D. I was so excited when I finally found her! The relationship you make with your big is so incredibly special. I wouldn’t change mine for the world and I know she will be standing right beside me on the day I say “I do” to the man of my dreams.

Some of the most fun and memorable events during our time of pledging were the swaps! Each week we were paired with a different fraternity. We had to learn their chant, then they learned ours, and they came to our house and picked us up for the swaps. The swaps were themed parties, such as graffiti or toga, where we just danced and had a good time. Following the swap each week, we had a social where the older sisters and fraternity brothers were invited as well. We had such a great time getting to know everybody while also spending quality time with our sisters.

Six weeks flew by, and it was finally time for Initiation. I was so excited to finally become a sister of Kappa Delta and find out all the ritual and secrets that make the bond within the sisterhood so strong. All day, leading up to Initiation, I reflected back on my pledging experience, and realized it had definitely been an experience I would never forget! I could never even begin to explain how happy I was to receive my certificate that verified I was an official sister of Kappa Delta Sorority. The friends and memories I have holds no comparison to any other. I find myself loving Kappa Delta more each and every day, and the saying is so true, “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good!”

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