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Welcome to
Sorority Recruitment
Troy University National Panhellenic Council would like to welcome you toTroy
University and is so excited that you have considered joining sorority recruitment! Sorority
recruitment is a great way to make friendships that will last a lifetime. Many women find that
through a sorority they get adjusted to campus life quicker and easier, because that is what a
sorority is here to help them do.
Fall recruitment begins on August 3 and continues through August 8. During fall formal
recruitment you will be attending parties at each sorority house where you will be
able to meet the sorority women, learn more of what each sorority is like. Giving you
the oppor tunity to ask any questions you may have about events, financial obligations,
scholarships, new member programs, or even campus life in general. It is very impor tant to
keep an open mind throughout this process in order to carefully decide where you fit in
the Greek system.Troy University Panhellenic Council encourages you to go through formal
recruitment to see if sorority life is a fit for you.
Spring recruitment is informal at Troy University. Some sororities are able to recruit
members in the spring semester through a process called continuous open bidding. But
note that usually, fewer than five women par ticipate in continuous open bidding. Again,
we feel the best time to join a sorority is during fall formal recruitment.
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