Troy University Guide to Sorority Recruitment - page 3

Eligibility & Registration
high school graduates
must have a 2.2 overall average (on a 4.0 scale)
& be accepted toTroy University
upperclassmen at Troy
must have a 2.2 overall average
transfer students
must have a 2.2 overall average based on 12 hours; if a transfer
student has fewer than 12 hours, her eligibility will be based
on her high school grade point average.This eligibility policy
for recruitment is designed to help new students become
academically oriented at the University, before becoming
involved in the sorority aspect of campus life.The Panhellenic
Council’s membership recruitment eligibility policy is a minimum
requirement. Each sorority sets their own academic standards for
joining.The sorority women will carefully evaluate the grades and
high school activities of each individual going through recruitment,
when making membership decisions.
JuNE 1 you can register for recruitment:
Carefully follow the instructions on this page,
before you open the recruitment application.This
will make the process quick and easy! There is an
$80 fee that will increase to $95 after July 15. At the
conclusion of online registration you may pay by
debit card, credit card or e-check. Up until Monday,
July 27, we will refund $60 of the registration
fee, if you withdraw from recruitment. However,
there will be no refunds after Monday, July 27, for
withdrawals. Registration will end on July 27.
Completing the
Online Registration
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