Social Life

By Carlie Spencer

Coming to Troy University and choosing to go through recruitment I knew what I was looking for in a sorority. I wanted to find an unparalleled sisterhood that would be my second family, a group of girls who wanted to be as academically successful as I did, and people who I could just be silly with and have fun! Running up the hill to Alpha Gam on Bid Day, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I haven’t regretted one day since because my sisters had every quality I could have ever hoped for, and they definitely know how to plan fun events and be silly!

From swaps and socials with Troy’s fraternity gentlemen to our annual Fall Fest Philanthropy event, Alpha Gam plans functions that are a good time and can also make a difference on campus and in the community. Our commitment to serving others as well as being active in all factions of Troy University provides campus-wide support and involvement in each of our philanthropic events. We also host Alumnae Tea’s and Parents Days, which are some of the most sentimental events that we organize. It is a time to catch up with sisters who have graduated and to share your Alpha Gam family with your real family. Sometimes though, we just like to let get dressed up with our beautiful sisters and go to formal events! From more casual social events like date party, sisters have fun thrift shopping for crazy themed events, to semi-formal and formal everyone enjoys the company of all of our sisters. This year, Alpha Gamma Delta put together our big Red Rose Ball and we all had the time of our lives being able to eat a nice dinner and dance the night away with our best friends!

Even though I definitely found the fun and exciting events that I hoped for when I was going through recruitment, it was all of the unexpected spontaneous social events like the slip and slide in the front yard and random dance parties that have made me realize just how much I love every minute in Alpha Gam. Our commitment to service and scholarship above social events make all of our events possible because we understand where our priorities need to be and work together to be successful. Alpha Gams nation-wide “live with purpose” and cherish the friendships made with their sisters, because having events with your best friends is always a blast! By Carlie Spencer

Alpha Delta Pi Social Events

By: Jessie Hammett

Every sorority has its own special social events. These different events make each chapter unique. The events planned by Alpha Delta Pi are coordinated with alumnae, parents and even with another organization. We host formals, date parties and mixers with other Greek organizations; we also organize other special events such as: Parents Day, Scholarship Banquets and Tea parties for our alumnae. We do not limit ourselves to only planning events within our sorority. However, we do hold certain events that only sisters of Alpha Delta Pi may attend. A few of these private events are: Black Diamond Ball, Mallard Ball and sisterhood retreats.

As a whole chapter, we uphold our scholarly values, our leadership in the community and on campus, and we provide services to those in need. As a reward to our sisters for going above and beyond, the chapter leaders work hard to ensure safe and fun events throughout our members’ lives. Through social events, Alpha Delta Pi is able to accomplish more than planning a fun party. We are able to give our members a sense of purpose and perspective while reinforcing a lifelong commitment to philanthropy. We are committed to a legacy of learning to help members prepare for the future and create a desire to continue their success.

Alpha Delta Pi believes that our sorority is not just four years – it's for a lifelong commitment. With this commitment, we also have a lifetime of fun!!

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