Off Campus Housing

Off campus housing is available in Troy. Rents vary according to services and the number of bedrooms in the apartment. A normal monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is estimated at $500.

Rents will be on a monthly basis for the whole apartment unless you are told "rent is by the room". If you "rent by the bedroom", you will be assigned a roommate unless you specify a specific person at the lease signing. Please contact for information about off campus housing options.

Questions to ask before renting an apartment

  1. How much is the rent?
  2. When is rent due?
  3. Is a deposit required? If so, how much?
  4. What is included in the rent payment? (utilities, electricity, gas, phone, cable)
  5. Are storage facilities available? Are there additional charges?
  6. Do you have furnished and unfurnished apartments available?
  7. Do you permit pictures to be hung on the walls?
  8. Do you allow any type of improvements to be made? If so, is there an additional fee?
  9. Where is the nearest grocery store?

Important points in renting an apartment

  • When you move in, go through the apartment and put in writing and take pictures of any noticeable damage. Give the written document and pictures to the landlord and ask them to sign they received the document.
  • Learn how to operate the dishwasher and other appliances. Ask the landlord if you need instruction before you try to use them.
  • Pay your rent on time. If you are unable to do so, talk to the management to request permission for late payment.
  • Keep your apartment clean. Wash dishes after use and clean kitchen counters, stove and floor daily. Dirt attracts bugs and roaches in Alabama climate.
  • It is a courtesy to neighbors to control noise and cleanliness.
  • Notify the manager one month in advance if you are moving.

      Lease agreements are legal contracts, which must be followed. Read the lease agreement before you sign it! Ask questions if you do not understand the lease. Many leases are for one full year!

      Lease Questions

      1. Will you return my security deposit when I leave?
      2. How long is the lease? Will I be penalized if I break it?
      3. Does the lease automatically renew at the end of the contract?
      4. How much notice needs to be given before I can terminate the lease?
      5. Is subleasing allowed? If yes, what procedures must be followed?


      If you have a car or motorcycle

      1. Is parking available and what kind is it? Garage, parking lot or street?
      2. Are there charges for parking?


      If you have a pet

      1. Are pets allowed? Maximum size, weight, height and type of pet?
      2. Is there a pet deposit? How much is it and is it refundable?


      If you have children

      1. Are children allowed?
      2. Are there childcare facilities? Are there additional charges?
      3. Where is the nearest school or daycare?



      • You cannot use your deposit as your last month’s rent!
      • It is usually refundable.
      • Your deposit is collected to make sure the landlord will be able to repair and clean your apartment when you move out.
      • To get your deposit back you need to make sure that you clean your apartment at the time you leave and that there is no damage.

      Many apartments include utilities in the rent. If not, you are responsible for turning the utilities on and off. You will also be responsible for paying the deposits and connection fees for the services.

      Electricity and Water

      City of Troy (334) 566-2130 (electricity and water) - They will require around $100 deposit (will be used towards last month’s bill)


      Southeast Alabama Gas District (334) 566-0430 (natural gas) - There are three basic steps necessary to establish natural gas service with SEAGD. First, contact your local office by phone or in person to apply for service. Next, provide a connection fee of $25 and a deposit ranging from $0 to $200, depending upon results from your credit application. And finally, specify the connection address and requested date for service to begin. It's that simple!

      TV-internet-phone packages

      Charter 866-605-4008 (TV-internet-phone packages) -

      Troy Cable (TV-internet-phone packages) - (334) 566-3310

      Get Your Landlord’s Permission

      Read your lease to determine your subletting rights. If your landlord forbids it, try to explain your situation in writing and negotiate a solution. You can offer to help your landlord find a new tenant, although you are still responsible for the rent until a new lease is signed. If subletting is permitted, get your landlord’s permission in writing before allowing another person to move into your apartment.

      Find a Trust-worthy Leaser

      Ask your friends and other students first. If you don’t get a response, post a flyer in the Weekly Rent/Sale Email. Describe your apartment and the dates that it will be available along with your contact information. You can try to advertise for the same rent you are paying but may have to reduce the rate since you are limited in time.

      Interview interested people just as if you were hiring them to work for you. You will still be responsible for the lease so you need to make sure the person who moves in will pay rent on time and keep the apartment well-maintained. Here are some questions to ask a potential sub lessor:

      1. How are you going to pay for this apartment?
      2. Why are you seeking short-term housing?
      3. How many people will be living the apartment? Any children? Any pets?
      4. Do you plan on having any social events or guests staying at the apartment?
      5. Do you consider yourself a clean person?

      Give the sub lessor a tour of the apartment. Answer their questions discuss any problems. You don’t want the sub lessor to back out in a month or two since you will be left to fill in the rent. The ideal person would be familiar to you on a personal basis, or recommended by someone you trust. If this is not possible, make sure the person has plenty of references to show they are trustworthy and responsible.

      Sign a Written Agreement

      • Always sign a written agreement. You can use and print out the form for Alabama.
      • Add a statement regarding the security deposit. Since your landlord is usually not required to return it to you until the lease is over, you will need to come to an agreement with the sub lessor. For example, if the sub lessor puts a hole in the wall is he/she responsible for the security deposit?
      • Depending on the terms in your lease and state laws, you may have tenant’s rights over the sub lessor. This means you can evict the person if they do not pay rent or in any other way violate the terms of the written agreement. Explain this to the sub lessor so that there is no confusion later.
      • Make sure the sub lessor is clear on when he/she can move in and leave them a way to contact you as well as the owner of the apartment. Leave an emergency maintenance number as well as the place where the rent should be delivered. 
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