Troy Campus Housing

On-Campus housing is limited. Housing applications for the fall semester are due by March 1st. All students residing in university housing are required to stay in the room/suite for the entire academic year. Please visit for more information.

Clean Up!

Dorm rooms are regularly inspected to make sure the rooms are cleaned by the resident. There are no maids to pick up after you. You must use laundry facilities to wash your clothes. It is NOT acceptable wash clothes in the bathtub or to hang your laundry across your room to dry. Make sure to clean the stove, refrigerator, shower, and toilet; mop the floors, and to throw out your trash on daily basis. Wash your dishes after each use. Failure to keep your room clean will attract bugs.

Your dorm room will be checked by the Resident Assistant 2 times every month. If you do not keep your room clean you will be fined $50.00.

Lost Dorm Room Key

You will be charged $50.00 to replace a lost dorm room key.

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