Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness Handbook

Change Management Resources

Procedures Academic Program Actions (APA)
Instructions to the APA Process
Timeline for New Academic Program Implementation
Change Approval Flowchart
Process for Closing a Site
Troy University Descriptive Statement

ACHE Policies
SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy

Undergraduate Academic Program Action (APA)
Graduate Academic Program Action (APA)
Draft Program Assessment Plan Form
Teach-Out Form
Program Revision Plan
Academic Catalog Change Form
Non-academic Catalog Change Form
Master Course Form
ACHE Templates
Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal (NISP)
Proposal for New Program (Graduate or Baccalaureate)
Submission of Alterations to Alteration of Alterations to Existing Programs
   Form A: Alteration of CIP Code, Program Title, and Degree Nomenclature Except at the Doctoral Level
   Form B: Description of Curriculum Changes
   Form C: Addition of an Option, Track, Specialization, or Concentration, etc., to an Existing Program
SACSCOC Templates
Cover Sheet for Submission of Substantive Changes Requiring Approval
Modified Prospectus
Faculty Roster Form
Justification for Collaborative Academic Arrangements - Initiating a dual degree program with another institution
Justification for Collaborative Academic Arrangements - Initiating a joint degree program with another institution:
Agreement involving a partner institution that is not accredited by USDE-recognized accreditor
Agreement involving a partner institution accredited by another accreditor that is recognized by the USDE
Agreements made with other SACSCOC-accredited institutions
2016 Institutional Effectiveness Handbook (PDF)

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