Minor in Leadership Development

Students from any discipline and any college can take the Leadership Minor. Students complete four required 3-hour leadership courses and at least an additional 6 hours of Leadership courses or approved courses from other disciplines. Here are the four required courses.

  • LDR 1100: Introduction to Leadership (3 hrs)
  • LDR 2200: Tools of Leadership (3 hrs)
  • LDR 3300: Leadership Theory (3 hrs)*
  • LDR 4400: Chancellor’s Capstone Leadership Seminar (3 hrs)*

Although not required for the leadership minor, the following offerings may count toward the Minor with select courses requiring approval by the Director of the Institute for Leadership Development.

  • LDR 2221-2222-2223: Case Studies in Leadership (1 hr each)
  • LDR 3310: Leadership and Interpersonal Skills (3 hr)
  • LDR 3320: Great Leaders (3 hr)
  • LDR 4493-4494: Independent Study (1-3 hrs)*
  • LDR 4444: Leadership Internship (3-6 hrs)*
  • LDR 4450: Leadership Service Learning (1-6 hrs)*

* Requires permission of Director of the Institute for Leadership Development to enroll.

Leadership Minor Brochure

For more information, contact:

Mrs. Donna Brown
Leadership Office
101 Hawkins Hall
(334) 670-5686

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