Second Year Leadership Scholars

Second year leadership scholars will be asked at the end of their freshman year where they want to do their leadership hours for their second year. They may continue working with a faculty or staff menber or they may have a leadership role in a student organization. We try to have all second year leadership scholar assignments done before the academic year closes. The second year the leadership scholars report on their work once each semester. Sample second year intern reports are on CANVAS. Second year leadership scholars must attend a seminar each semester.

Second Year Intern Report

Instructions for reporting on an internship: If you continue working for a faculty or staff member you will work 3 hours a week. Each time you do your intern hours you should record your hours. At the end of the semester you and your supervisor should meet and agree whether or not you have completed your hours. Upon agreement, you should write a paragraph about what you have done for the past semester. The reason we ask that you record your hours each time you work is so that it will make it easier for you and your supervisor to agree that you have completed your hours. A sample report is on CANVAS and the report will be turned in through CANVAS.

Instructions for reporting on a leadership role: If you have a leadership role in a campus organization you will set two goals you wish to achieve in your organization that semester. Your report will report on those two goals and what you accomplished for your organization. You are to also inform the organization advisor that you are using your leadership role for your leadership scholarship. A sample report is on CANVAS and the report will be turned in through CANVAS.

Seminar Reports

As a second year leadership scholar, you are encouraged to attend a seminar of your selection. Second year leadership scholars must attend a seminar each semester. You should be actively reading the Tropolitan, checking your Trojan e-mail and CANVAS and looking for announcements on bulletin boards about seminars. If your academic department encourages you to attend a lecture, you should use that for your seminar. If you belong to a student organization that brings in a speaker you may use that.

You will be notified of the seminar that our office sponsors through CANVAS and if you attend the seminar where our office is doing a sign in sheet, it is not necessary to write a paragraph if you remember to sign in. We will record your seminar based on your signature. If you attend a seminar on your own, below is a sample seminar report that you would turn in through CANVAS. We highly suggest that you turn in your report as soon as possible after you attend a seminar. Students have found that if they wait to turn in their written report, they will have forgotten the details of the seminar. Remember that the content of the speaker’s presentation is what you should write about, not a description of the actual program.

Sample Seminar Report


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On April 17, Troy University hosted the Helen Keller Lecture. Special music was provided by Daniel Ray and the featured speakers for this lecture were Coach Harold Jones and James Kennedy, or better known as Radio. Most people in attendance had seen or heard of the movie Radio, which portrayed the relationship between Coach Jones and Radio. But this lecture gave the true story of these two remarkable individuals. Coach Jones was the head football coach at T.J. Hanna High School in Anderson, South Carolina, and while he was there he, along with his family, team, and most of the town, took in Radio. Radio is developmentally challenged but has a love for football. In the early 1960s he started stopping by some of the team’s football practices and has been a part of the game ever since. Coach Jones and Radio’s bond was featured in Sports Illustrated and that turned into a movie. Despite all of the fame the article and movie has given them, Coach Jones and Radio are still the down to earth people they have always been. Today, the two travel around the nation together to share their story and inform people about their charity and the effects of the developmentally challenged. When he is not on the road, one can still find Radio around T. J. Hanna High School making sure the students are doing everything they are supposed to be doing. The story of Coach Jones and Radio will continue to inspire people, just as it did that day at Troy University.

Please note that I will not accept a report that is similar to this:


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I don’t remember when, but I went to a lecture. A man spoke there about being blind. I really don’t remember what he talked about, it was so long ago. There were some other speakers there too.

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